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I created a puzzle with procedural level generation

I created a puzzle with procedural level generation
Hi, I'm new, please be a little considerate :)
I want to say that English is not my main language, so I apologize for the possible strange construction of sentences.


Creating games is a recent hobby of mine, although I started programming a relatively long time ago. I started with websites (html, css, javascript), then decided to try to figure out something serious. I started learning c++ and realized that it was too early. I tried c# and it sucked me in. But learning pure c# in a week seemed so boring to me that I decided to try myself in GameDev. In fact, all these events took place about 1-2 years ago. But in GameDev, I'm still a noob and came to try myself. Well, here's the story in short :)

A little about the game

As it is written in the title of the post - this is a puzzle, namely, a maze. The point is that there are no levels. Each time the game generates a new maze. The player is a ball, the goal is to get out of the maze. Yes, there are probably a huge number of similar games, but I would only like to recruit the initial Community and then the motivation is quite small, since I spent a lot of time on the game.

Developing Progress

I created this game for about a month. It could have been created much faster, but I was absolutely not familiar with procedural level generation at the time. The game would have been released in the summer, but Google Play blocked versions of my game due to the fact that there are supposedly ads for casinos, gambling, and the like, although I pre-set filters for these ad categories in the Unity Ads settings. I sat for an hour and tested my game and didn't see any ads for something like this. I thought it was a validator error and uploaded it again. After 2 weeks, I was rejected again. In the end, after several attempts and reconfiguring the ad filters, I gave up and removed the ad from the game. I'm going to use something different in my next project. Maybe Admob or Google ads.

Project updates

I think I'll follow through with this project and add a few modes, different maze sizes, a leaderboard and a lot more. You can suggest an idea in the comments to the post.

Important information

I need to figure out if I should continue on my way to GameDev and I need your support. If you find any bugs, write to me - this will help the development.


The game can only be downloaded from Google Play: LINK
P.S. I didn't have enough money for the App Store :)
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This week in MMOs - Week 32

This week in MMOS

Adventure Quest Worlds | Aion | Albion | ArcheAge | Ashes of Creation | Black Desert Online | Blade and Soul | Bless | CorePunk | Crowfall | Destiny 2 | Dofus | Dungeon Fighter Online | Dungeon and Dragons Online | Elder Scrolls Online | EVE Online | Everquest | Everquest 2 | Final Fantasy XI | Final Fantasy XIV |Gloria Victis | Guild Wars 2 | Maplestory | Mabinogi | Neverwinter | Path of Exile | Pantheon Rise of the Fallen | Phantasy Star Online 2 | Project Gorgon | Realm of the Mad God | Runescape | Skyforge | Star Trek Online | Star Wars The Old Republic | Star Citizen | Tera | Lord of the Rings Online | Tibia | Tree of Savior | Trove | Vindictus | Wakfu | Warframe | World of Warcraft |

AdventureQuest World

August 4th - The BugHunters are recruiting Looking for players to assist the QA team find bugs
August 7th - NecroTech Knight Upgrade Bonus New set available when you spend $10 or more
August 7th - Demon Queen Boss Battle Indonesian independence day event


Aion North America
August 5th - Frosty Fever Event Summer PvE event - get loot or buffs
Aion Europe
August 5th - THE GREAT DAEVANION EVENT Event - higher chance to upgrade daevanion gear
August 5th - REVENGE OF THE GRANKER KING Event - kill special mobs in gelk/ing and get loot
August 7th - WHEEL OF DESTINY Loot box promotion
August 7th - WEEKEND SPECIALS Cash shop promotion

Albion Online

August 4th - New Player Video Guides AO mod created YT ch that answers common questions
August 5th - Guild Spotlight: Victi Omnes Interview with a guild
August 5th - First Look: The Rogue Adventurer Bundle Promotion for a new cash shop outfit and mount set
August 6th - Watch the Crystal League Finals on AlbionTV Guild season is coming to an end
August 7th - The Offseason Crystal Tournament is Coming Tournament announcement


August 6th - ArcheAge: Discounted Garden of the Gods Packages Cash shop sale on Garden of the Gods packs
August 7th - Up, Up and Away We Go! Cash shop update

Ashes of Creation

August 2nd - Ashes of Creation Coloring Book Downloadable coloring book
August 3rd - BOONS OF THE WAVEBORN Cash shop promotion

Black Desert Online

August 5th - Loyal Attendance Rewards Refreshed Daily attendance rewards have been changed
August 5th - Pearl Shop Update: Enhancement Pack Cash shop update + new cash shop outfit available
August 5th - Patch Notes - 5th August 2020 Bug fixes, events and class balancing
August 5th - Great Summer Festival Summer event

Blade & Soul

August 3rd - August Hongmoon Store Update Cash shop update

Bless Unleashed

August 4th - WEEKLY EVENT AUGUST 3 - 10 2X drop rate, and mount taming success event


No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th


August 7th - Crowfall Beta is Coming August 11 - Prepare for Battle! Signup now for a chance to access a closed beta test

Destiny 2

August 4th - DESTINY 2 HOTFIX Minor bug fixes August 6th - THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE - 8/06/20 Weekly recap
August 7th - COMMUNITY FOCUS: DREXIS Interview with Drexis


August 5th - SUMMER SALES: FINAL MARK-DOWN! Merch store discount
August 5th - ANKAMA LAUNCHER: NEW INTERFACE FOR ALL YOUR GAMES! Revamped game launcher is available
August 7th - ANKAMA LIVE: DOFUS RETRO SPECIAL EDITION Livestream and in-game event details
August 7th - THE RETURN OF GROZILLA AND GRASMERA Monster hunt event
August 7th - [CONTEST] INTERNATIONAL BOW MEOW DAY! International cat day event - screenshot contest

Dungeon Fighter Online

August 4th - DFO Content Creator Guidelines Guidelines for content creators

Dungeon and Dragons Online

August 3rd - DDO Screenshot of the Week #475 Weekly screenshot highlight

Elder Scrolls Online

August 3rd - CROWN STORE SHOWCASE—AUGUST 2020 Cash shop sale
August 6th - ANNOUNCING ESO’S NEXT-GEN SUPPORT PS5 and Xbox SX will be supported
August 6th - SAVE UP TO 50% AND PLAY FREE DURING QUAKECON AT HOME Free play week and discount on cash shop currency

EVE Online

August 4th - METALIMINAL STORMS - NEW UPDATE Spacestorms will appear at random in nullsec space
August 6th - SLICE OF LIFE Upcoming stream promotion and PvP event details
August 7th - FOUNDATION DAY EVENT IS LIVE Login, get free stuff
August 7th - NEW ABYSSAL PROVING GROUNDS EVENT PvP event details
August 7th - UPCOMING ABYSSAL PROVING GROUNDS EVENTS Upcoming PvP event details


No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th

EverQuest 2

No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th

Final Fantasy XI

August 3rd - Unveiling The Voracious Resurgence Special Website! Special site is up for a new storyline in the world of Vana’diel
August 5th - The Sunbreeze Festival Summer event is back
August 7th - Discount Campaign Get the game along with all the expansions for $9.99 USD
August 7th - Return home to Vana’diel campaign Returning players event
August 7th - Presenting a New Wallpaper Commemorating The Voracious Resurgence! Download a new wallpaper by Akihiro Yamada

Final Fantasy XIV

August 3rd - Watch the Latest Installment of Duty Commenced US team’s live stream.
August 3rd - FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Kit Released! Wallpapers release for mobile and desktop
August 3rd - Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LIX Digest Released Dev talk replay available
August 5th - Changes to the FINAL FANTASY XIV Starter Edition Heavensward added to the starter edition
August 5th - Changes to A Realm Reborn Main Scenario Quest Requirements Store progression in the base game has been updated
August 6th - Patch 5.3─Reflections in Crystal Site Update Teaser site updated
August 7th - Patch 5.3 Notes (Preliminary) Patch notes for upcoming 5.3 patch

Gloria Victis

No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th

Guild Wars 2

August 4th - Festival of the Four Winds 2020 Begins Next Week Annual summer event returns
August 4th - Cool Off under Your Ice Reaver Cape Cash shop update
August 7th - World vs. World Weeklong Bonus Returns August 14 PvP channel event


August 3rd - [Updated] Nexon Merch Store is Back! Get MS merchandise on Amazon
August 5th - Cash Shop Update for August 5 Cash shop sale/new item rotation


August 3rd - Community Livestream - 'P.E.T. Part 2' Update Preview Livestream that shows off the PET Part 2 update
August 4th - Art Corner - 2nd Edition Fan art highlight


August 5th - 2x Underdark Campaign Currency! Double currency drop event
August 6th - Limited Time Magnificent Keyring! Lootbox promotion
August 7th - Updated Roadmap Q&A Stream - August 11, 2020 Roadmap Q&A Stream on Aug 11th

Path of Exile

August 3rd - Our 3.12 Expansion Timeline Dates for upcoming content
August 3rd - Afterlife cat pet New cash shop pet available
August 4th - Harvest fan art competition highlights Featured fan art from ongoing competition
August 4th - Undead outcast helmet skin New cash shop item
August 5th - Harvest statistics: crafts, lifeforce and the avatar of the grove Stats on the most used crafts
August 5th - Doomcrow wings New cash shop item
August 6th - Community Organized Event - 8 Day Racing Gauntlet Starts on August 22nd! Racing event
August 6th - Automation lightning armour set New cash shop outfit
August 7th - Community showcase Fan art highlight
August 7th - New Skill Effects and Super Stash Sale New cash shop cosmetics

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th

Phantasy Star Online 2

August 3rd - FUN SCRATCH TICKET: AUGUST 2020 - PART 1 Lootbox promotion August 3rd - MISSION PASS: SEASON 6 Monthly achievement system rewards
August 3rd - AC SCRATCH TICKET: MAESTRO SUMMONER Lootbox promotion
August 4th - PSO2 ON STEAM: BONUS LOGIN REWARDS! Bonuses for logging in through steam
August 4th - CAMPAIGN: JOIN AN ALLIANCE! (8/5) Join an alliance, get rewards
August 4th - LEVEL UP FASTER WITH BONUS QUESTS! Leveling event
August 4th - CAMPAIGN: WELCOME BACK TO PSO2! Returning player event
August 5th - URGENT QUESTS & CONCERTS: AUGUST 2020 - PART 1 Event
August 5th - NEW URGENT QUEST: BEACH WARS! Summer event
August 5th - BEACH WARS BEACH-WEAR! Summer cash shop promotion
August 5th - NEW REWARDS BUNDLE FOR XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE MEMBERS! Xbox game pass ultimate members will get rewards
August 5th - NEW EPISODE 4 LAUNCH BUNDLES! Cash shop bundles
August 5th - SUMMER IN PSO2! Summer event details
August 5th - PSO2: STEAM LAUNCH REWARDS Rewards for playing through steam
August 5th - CASINO BOOSTS & BONUSES! (8/8) Casino promotion

Project Gorgon

No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th

Realm of the Mad God

August 4th - AuguST ST STreak - x1.5 XP and droprates! Discord Q&A! Janus is there too. 1.5x event
August 5th - Patch Notes - Oryx changes, Discord Nitro Boosting Rewards and more Patch notes... duh


August 3rd - THIS WEEK IN RUNESCAPE Weekly digest
August 7th - Double XP LIVE has begun! 2x exp event


August 4th - Ready Player Sun: Free Gift & 30% Off Sale! Freebies and 30% off on the cash shop
August 5th - Sale: Hall of Trophies - August 5, 2020 Trophy sale

Star Trek Online

August 3rd - Free Lower Decks Duty Officers! Get officers from the new show to join your crew
August 3rd - PC and Console Patch Notes for 8/4/20 Events, balancing and minor fixes
August 5th - PC Patch Notes for 8/6/20 bug fixes

Star Wars: The Old Republic

August 3rd - SWTOR In-Game Events for August New events

Star Citizen

August 3rd - August 3rd - This Week in Star Citizen Weekly insight
August 4th - Portfolio: Otoni Group Lore
August 5th - ALPHA 3.10 FLIGHT & FIGHT Patch highlights
August 6th - Star Citizen Monthly Report: July 2020 Monthly update on development
August 7th - TRANSMISSION Inside star citizen stream PTU
August 7th - TRANSMISSION Weapons creation process
August 7th - Roadmap Roundup - August 7th, 2020 Dev decision insights

Tera: The Exiled Realm of Arborea

August 3rd - Get ready for TERA in 64-bit! 64bit tera client coming soon
August 3rd - Get Ready to Mask Up! Buy digital masks and support real doctors
August 6th - TERA Battle Arena Update: Gameplay Patch preview

The Lord of the Rings Online

August 4th - UPDATE 27.2 RELEASE NOTES Content update
August 7th - The LTRO Beacon Issue 170 Community spotlight


No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th

Tree of Savior

August 3rd - Medeina's FLEX BOX Do content, get boxes, open for loot
August 3rd - Summer TOSventure Event Summer event
August 4th - Like & Comment Event: ToS Task Force is back with Second Event! Facebook event
August 4th - World Map Reorganization World map update preview
August 4th - Update Plans for the Second Half of 2020 Update plans
August 5th - New Original Sound Tracks Available - August OST Video


August 4th - Take the Lunar Plunge until August 18 Event
August 4th - Dive into Deals for Lunar Plunge until August 18 Cash shop promotion
August 7th - Luxion’s First Arrival in August – Lasts until Aug. 10 Luxion’s store refresh


No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th


August 5th - SUMMER SALES: FINAL MARK-DOWN! Merch store discount
August 6th - SHELLS AND CRUSTACEANS PACK Cash shop promotion


No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th

World of Warcraft

August 3rd - WoW Classic Ahn’Qiraj: The Scarab Lords are Rising! Join the war effort
August 4th - The Pet Battle Bonus Event Has Begun! Pet PvP event
August 4th - Jump Into This Week’s PvP Brawl: Hotmogu Weekly PvP rotation
August 4th - Explore the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj and Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj Raid content available
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MegaSlot Casino - free spins, no deposit bonus, promotion

MegaSlot Casino - free spins, no deposit bonus, promotion

Megaslot Casino Free Spins and Welcome Bonus
Register your account with MegaSlot Casino and collect 30 free spins without deposit! On top of that, get a 100% welcome bonus and 100 free spins! Enjoy super-fast payments and 24/7 support service!
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MegaSlot Casino is home to a nice collection of games since 2020 and it operates under the umbrella of the well-established company N1 Interactive Ltd. The company is associated with a huge number of other online casinos that are ranked among the best ones on the market. MegaSlot Casino is a law-abiding gambling site that received a stamp of approval from the Maltese gambling regulator.
This online casino is a place where people from different nationalities can find some of the highest-quality games provided by top software suppliers such as Playtech, Yggdrasil, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Endorphina, Quickspin, and others. The casino operator partners with over a dozen casino content developers to steal the show and offer diversity in terms of titles and game genres.
MegaSlot has done an excellent job when it comes to the available payment methods. Players have the choice to select from the most popular banking solutions. Speaking of online payments, we cannot miss the chance to mention that the casino utilizes advanced technologies to protect its players’ data.
The casino operator also caters to its mobile players who are provided with the opportunity to either play all available casino games in an instant-play format or download a dedicated app that works like a charm on various modern portable devices. As a newcomer, you will be treated to a tasty Welcome Bonus that will boost your winning potential.
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Bonuses and Promotions

The promotions are what piques players’ attention when choosing an interactive casino where they can spend some quality time. Undoubtedly, all newcomers are interested in whether a certain casino offers a Welcome Bonus and what are its benefits. When it comes to MegaSlot, the virtual casino welcomes its new recruits with a 100% match bonus up to $100.
We must admit that this does not seem quite attractive having in mind that there are casinos that offer five-figure amounts. For that purpose, the operator also throws in some free spins, letting casino enthusiasts test the water and win some extra cash thanks to their own efforts. It is important to mention that the free spins are awarded in five installments of 20 spins over 5 days.
Assuming that this sounds to you like a nice deal and you would like to claim it, you should be informed that you need to use the promo code MEGA100 prior to making a minimum qualifying deposit of $20. What is more, the sign-up promotion comes with a wagering requirement of 40x. This means that you need to wager 40x the amount of the bonus. As for the profits accrued from the free spins, the playthrough is also 40x.
The duration of the sign-up promotion is 2 weeks. In addition to that, players should keep in mind that they should activate a new pack of free spins every day otherwise they will miss the pack. According to the casino’s bonus terms and conditions, the maximum amount a player can win from the bonus funds is capped at $10,000. As for the winnings generated from the free spins, the maximum withdrawal limit is $50.
The casino features a maximum bet limit of $1 while playing with an active sign-up bonus. In that way, the operator blocks bonus abusers. In case you go over this limit, your bet will not be accepted and you might even lose your profits. It is important to explain that this limit is valid for all first deposit bonuses.
Another important aspect to take into account is the game weighting. This means that not all games fully contribute towards satisfying the rollover. Bets on video slots count 100% towards the wagering requirements except for some titles which you can find on the website of the casino. Stakes on table games as well as video poker and classic slots have an inconspicuously low contribution rate of just 5%, while live dealer games are not included in the game weighting at all.
Once you clear the playthrough tied to the bonus funds and the winnings generated from the free spins, you will be able to withdraw your earnings. We would like to mention that players from Sweden are not allowed to take advantage of any of the promotions offered at MegaSlot Casino.
All other casino enthusiasts who are playing with an active bonus should know that they can request a withdrawal of their deposit prior to meeting the playthrough. In this case, the casino will forfeit the amount of the bonus and the winnings and pay out the remaining funds.
MegaSlot Casino caters also to its loyal fans providing them with the opportunity to get involved in a VIP Program that comes with worthwhile perks and exclusive offers. The casino’s VIP Program is comprised of 40 statuses and players need to collect comp points to climb up the ladder. The higher status you reach, the nicer bonuses you will be provided with.
We would advise our readers to carefully read the terms and conditions associated with each status as the exchange rate of the points varies between the levels. It is interesting to mention that casino aficionados who navigate their way through a higher level are awarded free spins that come with a 35x wagering requirement.
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Software Providers

Casino software providers are at the heart of the casinos’ collection of games as these are responsible for developing the games. This means that the software companies are the ones that decide what themes, graphics, bonuses, and rules a certain game will have.
For that purpose, it is essential to choose a virtual casino whose gaming library involves titles created by reputable brands. Even though there are hundreds of companies claiming to be the best, there are certain casino content developers that worked hard to honestly deserve this title.
As a reputable virtual casino that is dedicated to providing nothing less but the highest quality and great diversity, the operator joined hands with Playtech, Yggdrasil, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Endorphina, Quickspin, etc. These companies are recognized to be among the best on the market and their products quickly turn into fans’ favorites.
As companies that aim at constantly pushing the industry’s boundaries forward, the games they release are developed in a mobile-friendly way. In that way, casino buffs can revel in a rewarding gambling experience even on the go. The casino features an in-browser app as well as a dedicated casino application. No matter which option you will go for, you will certainly be amazed by the sleek design of the website and its brilliant performance even on smartphones and tablets.
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Our MegaSlot Casino analysis has shown that players are presented with a plethora of payment solutions that support both deposits and withdrawals. Before we continue discussing the available payment options, we would like to note that not all payment services are available to residents from specific countries. In the lines below you will find more details regarding this matter.
What players from international markets should know is that the international operating currency of the website is EUR, but this casino accepts payments also in the following currencies: USD, NOK, CAD, PLN, NZD, ZAR, and JPY.
When you are about to top up your gaming account, you should be informed that you have several options to do so, including Visa, Mastercard, Trustly, Skrill, Neteller, Zimpler, Klarna, Qiwi, Yandex, iDebit, Interac Online, Interac e-Transfer, Neosurf, ecoPayz, and Rapido. The minimum amount that you need to upload to your gaming account in order to start playing for real money is set at $10.
As for withdrawals, players can choose from the following options – Visa, Mastercard, Trustly, Skrill, Neteller, Quwu, Yandex, Bank Transfer, iDebit, Interac e-Transfer, Instadebit, ecoPayz, and Rapido. What is important to explain is the Visa and Mastercard are not available to players from elsewhere due to certain legal restrictions. For further information, be advised to visit the website of the casino.
When you decide it is time to finally pull out your winnings, you should know that you cannot withdraw less than $20, while the maximum limit on withdrawals depends on the preferred payment solution. However, players can withdraw no more than $5,000 per day, $10,000 per week, and $30,000 per month.
Depending on the payment solution you choose, payouts are cleared between 1 and 3 days. The available digital wallets process withdrawals in the fastest manner, but you will certainly not wait for too long in case you decide to use any of the other available methods. Casino enthusiasts who decide to pull out their profits via bank transfer should be informed that the minimum withdrawable limit is set at $500.
Players will be more than happy to learn that the casino does not impose charges on deposits and withdrawals. However, the payment service provider might tax you a small fee for the transactions which is your responsibility.
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Mobile Casino

Nowadays, it is extremely important for virtual casinos to offer flexibility, among all other things. Hence, MegaSlot Casino is designed in a mobile-friendly way. The design of the casino can be described as uncluttered and well-organized, so that casino enthusiasts can easily find what they are looking for even on the move.
Generally speaking, there are two ways to play at MegaSlot Casino via your handheld device, and more precisely to load the website of the casino through the browser your smartphone or tablet utilizes, or to download the dedicated app. The virtual casino brags about its apps that are specially designed for Android and iOS users. The apps work like a charm and the installation process is a child’s play.
However, the instant version of the casino is also a good alternative provided that you prefer to save some storage space on your mobile device. The main menu button is located in the upper left corner. Once you tap on it, a drop-down menu with links to the available slots, promotions, and payment methods will appear. It is important to mention that you will also find a link to the casino’s dedicated apps.
On the right upper corner, you will notice a button that will help you to change the language of the platform in case you are not a fluent English speaker. The choice is wide enough to find the language you are most familiar with. The games are organized into sections depending on their genre. The live chat button is to be found at the right bottom corner. The mobile version of the casino is also equipped with a search box and a navigation bar to further enhance the process of searching.
To find the casino’s terms and conditions section as well as other important links, you need to scroll down as these are located at the very bottom of the casino’s website. The instant-play format of this casino shares a lot of common features with its desktop counterpart.
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Casino Games

The first thing to catch our eye in MegaSlot Casino is the huge number of games it offers. As its name suggests, the majority of the casino’s gaming portfolio is occupied by top-shelf slots. Reel spinners will certainly not regret their choice in case they decide to sign up with this virtual casino. However, other genres such as live dealer games, progressive jackpots, video poker, and table games are also included in the casino’s catalog.
Owing to the casino’s partnership with more than a dozen software companies, MegaSlot Casino boasts over a total of 1,300 titles that are courtesy of brands such as Playtech, Yggdrasil, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Endorphina, Quickspin, and others. Most of the games except the live dealer games feature a demo mode, but you should still open an account at MegaSlot in order to load the games.


Slots are among players’ favorite casino games and that barely surprises anyone familiar with the great diversity these offer. From themes to features, every slot is unique and casino fans can enjoy a different gambling experience every time they play a different slot game. MegaSlot Casino offers a remarkable amount of slots that come with a cinematic quality of the graphics and rewarding cash prizes.
Deadwood, Sakura Fortune, Book of Fortune, Tombstone, Legacy of Dead, Golden Fish Tank, Dragon Kingdom, and the Dog House are just a small sample of the titles you will come across in this section. Even if 3-reel slots are more to your liking, you will certainly find the title that most appeals to you.

Table Games

When it comes to table games, we cannot say that MegaSlot Casino has a lot to offer. There is a tight number of some of the most emblematic casino table games, and more precisely roulette, blackjack, and poker. Roulette Royal, American Roulette, European Roulette, 21 Burn Blackjack, Lucky Blackjack, European Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Turbo Poker, and others are included in the casino’s selection of games.
The games included in this section feature flexible bet sizes, making wagering on table games more than available. Assuming that you are an avid table player, you might be a little disappointed with the casino’s selection of table games. On the bright side, reel spinners who enthuse over adding spice to the entire mix can try one of the table games’ variations and hope for Lady Luck smiling on them.

Video Poker

Even though MegaSlot Casino offers just a few titles of video poker, casino fans will find some of the game’s most popular variations such as Aces and Faces, American Poker V, Deuces Wild, Joker Wild, and several more. Players should be informed that they can find the available video poker games listed in the Table Games category. The reason why so many casino devotees still enthuse over this somehow old-dated game is that it requires not only luck, but also strategy. What is more, it has higher returns compared to slot games.

Jackpot Games

Players who are craving for life-changing cash prizes will certainly appreciate the nice selection of progressive jackpot games MegaSlot Casino offers. Some of the titles you might find interesting include Bounty of the Beanstalk, Rainbow Jackpots, the series Age of the Gods, Leprechaun’s Luck, A Night in Paris, Glam Life, Charms and Clovers, Jackpot Rango, and Reels of Wealth. You will certainly not be disappointed with the huge choice of titles included in the Jackpot Games Category.

Live Casino

In case you would like to enjoy an authentic casino atmosphere without leaving the comfort of your home, you should try the live dealer games included in the casino’s portfolio. Having in mind that the casino collaborates with one of the leading software companies specialized in developing live dealer games, and more precisely Evolution Gaming, we can safely state that the live dealer suite you will find at MegaSlot Casino will impress you.
NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, and some more are the other software providers that are responsible for the casino’s unsurpassed selection of live dealer games. From classic variations of roulette, blackjack, and poker to the latest releases such as Evolution’s Lightning series and game shows, MegaSlot Casino has it all. This somehow compensates for the lack of table games.

Special Games

Players who are trying to find a way to spice up their gambling experience would be interested in learning that MegaSlot Casino offers some special games such as bingo and scratch cards. The titles you will come across include Scratch’Em, Happy Scratch, Frogs Scratch, Gold Coins, Rainforest Magic Bingo, Sweet Alchemy Bingo, etc. We must note that this virtual casino features a good-enough number of scratch games that come with interesting cash prizes. These fast-paced games will certainly get you rid of the monotony and provide you with an unforgettable gambling experience.
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Licensing and Regulations

Security is always one of the biggest concerns online players have. MegaSlot Casino understands why so many casino enthusiasts refrain from indulging in their favorite pastime and for that purpose, the operator is providing a high level of transparency. The casino operates under a license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority and the company that owns this gambling site has years of experience in this industry.
As a company that adheres to the law, players from certain jurisdictions such as France, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Russia, Gibraltar, Jersey, the Czech Republic, and others are not allowed to create accounts at MegaSlot Casino. It is important to mention that NetEnt’s games are not available in some countries due to the software provider’s license.
The games offered at this virtual casino run on the random number generator algorithm (RNG) that is regularly tested by a third auditing agency. In that sense, the results of all games are based on pure chance.
To further cement its strong positions on the market, it seems that the casino is an advocate of responsible gambling. The casino employs various self-reliant strategies to help players at risk tackle the problem.
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Customer Support

MegaSlot Casino boasts 24/7 customer support. To make sure you are in safe hands when playing at this virtual casino, we tested the customer care department whilst writing this review. Based on our experience, the customer support agents from the live chat are more than competent to assist you. What is more, the representatives will provide you with an answer in a prompt manner.
You can get in touch with the customer support department by sending an email at and the representatives will get back to you within 24 hours, even though in most cases it takes just a few hours to have your questions answered. Unfortunately, casino enthusiasts are not provided with the opportunity to directly speak to a casino representative over the phone, but that disadvantage is compensated by the presence of a detailed FAQ page.
A quick link to the FAQ page is available at the bottom of the casino’s homepage. Prior to contacting the customer support department, you can check the information included on this page as you might find some extra details next to the answer to your question.
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MegaSlot Casino pays close attention to its gaming catalog that is comprised of high-quality products developed by top software companies. In addition to that, the casino’s main goal is to provide its players with a safe gambling environment where they can enjoy their favorite games without taking the risk to be deceived. For that purpose, all the important information regarding the casino’s licenses is placed at the bottom of its main page.
As a virtual casino that aims at pleasing players’ various preferences, the operator employs a plethora of payment solutions that are reliable and trustworthy. On top of that, players’ sensitive information is safeguarded by sophisticated encryption systems, so all payments are processed in a risk-free manner.
MegaSlot Casino will certainly become one of the top gambling sites in a flash thanks to its customer-oriented approach. As a disadvantage, we might note that the wagering requirements associated with the Welcome Bonus are a bit too high.
On the other hand, these apply only to the bonus funds, unlike many other online casinos where the total value of the bonus and the deposit is subject to the playthrough. To conclude this review, we would like to say that we consider this online casino an excellent choice for both seasoned and novice players.
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2020 Anagrammed NFL Draft

In peak offseason form, I decided to anagram all the draft picks. I did have two rules, I could not use the original player's name (Example: Brian Burns, could not be Brain Burns), and I couldn't add a suffix to the name. There could definitely be better ones, I used this website.
I also, did this last year!

Arizona Cardinals A Lizard Ran Casino
Isaiah Simmons So I Smash A Mini
Josh Jones N/A
Leki Fotu Kite Foul
Rashard Lawrence Draw Lean Archers
Evan Weaver Never A Wave
Eno Benjamin Join Bean Men

Atlanta Falcons Tan Canal Floats
A.J. Terrell Jar Teller
Marlon Davidson Donor Vandalism
Matt Hennessy Neatest Hymns
Mykal Walker Mark Wall Key
Jaylinn Hawkins Lanky Shin In Jaw
Sterling Hofrichter Fresh Her Tiring Colt

Baltimore Ravens Irremovable Ants
Patrick Queen Quaint Pecker
J.K. Dobbins Bi DJ’s Knob (u/oprimaelocho)
Justin Madubuike Junkie Autism Bud
Devin Duvernay Nude Navy Diver
Malik Harrison I Shank Oral Rim
Tyre Phillips They Rip Pills
Ben Bredeson Bone Benders
Broderick Washington Jr Jacking Wind Or Brothers
James Proche Major Speech
Geno Stone Onto Genes

Buffalo Bills Fulfills A Bob
A.J. Epenesa Pee A Jeans
Zack Moss N/A
Gabriel Davis A Visible Grad
Jake Fromm Jam Me Fork
Tyler Bass Bras Style
Isaiah Hodgins I Has Indigo Ash
Dane Jackson Can And Jokes

Carolina Panthers Chaparral Tension
Derrick Brown Worn Red Brick
Yetur Gross-Matos Our Moss Strategy
Jeremy Chinn Me Rich Jenny
Troy Pride Dirty Rope
Kenny Robinson No Skinny Boner
Bravvion Roy Rob Ivory Van
Stanley Thomas-Oliver Antislavery Lost Home

Chicago Bears He Car Go Basic
Cole Kmet Elk Comet
Jaylon Johnson N/A
Trevis Gipson Pig Investors
Kindle Vildor Old Evil Drink
Darnell Mooney Modernly Alone
Arlington Hambright Lightning Bath Armor
Lachavious Simmons I Viscous Ham Salmon

Cincinnati Bengals In Incest Balancing
Joe Burrow Rue Row Job
Tee Higgins Genie Sight
Logan Wilson Slowing Loan
Akeem Davis-Gaither I Gave A Shrieked Mat
Khalid Kareem Mad Lake Hiker
Hakeem Adeniji Media Jean Hike
Markus Bailey I Mauls Bakery

Cleveland Browns Blend Low Caverns
Jedrick Wills Will Jerk Disc
Grant Delpit Pelting Dart
Jordan Elliott A Jointed Troll
Jacob Phillips A Spill Chip Job
Harrison Bryant Ran Barn History
Nick Harris Rink Chairs
Donovan Peoples-Jones Snoop On Develop Jeans

Dallas Cowboys Classy Wood Lab
CeeDee Lamb A Emcee Bled
Trevon Diggs Dog Rig Vents
Neville Gallimore Ever Legal Million
Reggie Robinson Sobering Region
Tyler Biadasz A Stylized Bar
Bradlee Anae Enable A Dare
Ben DiNucci Iced Cub Inn

Denver Broncos Born Conserved
Jerry Jeudy N/A
K.J. Hamler N/A
Michael Ojemudia I Had Ale Juice Mom
Lloyd Cushenberry Sorry Lynched Lube
McTelvin Agam Given Calm Mat
Albert Okwuegbunam But Unworkable Game
Justin Strnad Din Stunts Jar
Netane Muti Neat Minute
Tyrie Cleveland Evidently Clear
Derrek Tuszka Raze Dusk Trek

Detroit Lions Tried Lotions
Jeff Okudah A Huff Joked
D'Andre Swift I Dent Dwarfs
Julian Okwara Ruin Koala Jaw
Jonah Jackson John Jack A Son
Logan Stenberg Gargle Bonnets
Quintez Cephus Nut Speech Quiz
Jason Huntley Enjoy Lush Ant
John Penisini Join Ship Nine
Jashon Cornell Recalls On John

Green Bay Packers Grab Peak Scenery
Jordan Love Old Oven Jar
AJ Dillon A Jill Nod
Josiah Deguara Said Jaguar Hoe
Kamal Martin Main Ram Talk
Jon Runyan Jr Nun Ran Joy (N/A with Jr.)
Jake Hanson Sneak A John
Simon Stepaniak Mistaken Pianos
Vernon Scott Consort Vent
Jonathan Garvin Java Ran Nothing

Houston Texans Haunts Onto Sex
Ross Blacklock Rollback Socks
Jonathan Greenard And Rear Jean Thong
Charlie Heck Chick Healer
John Reid Join Herd
Isaiah Coultier Sea Oil Haircut

Indianapolis Colts Spinal Dislocation
Michael Pittman Jr Inject Primal Math
Jonathan Taylor Jot Than Any Oral
Julian Blackmon Jumbo Clink Anal
Jacob Eason A Canoe Jobs
Danny Pinter Dinner Panty
Robert Windsor I Borrow Trends
Isaiah Rodgers Sad Hair Orgies
Dezmon Patton Zap Tom Tendon
Jordan Glasgow Log Dragon Jaw

Jacksonville Jaguars Jail Vocal Gas Junkers
C.J. Henderson N/A
K'Lavon Chaisson I Shank Volcanos
Laviska Shenault Native Salsa Hulk
DaVon Hamilton I No Moth Vandal
Ben Bartch Bench Brat
Josiah Scott Jots His Taco
Shaquille Quarterman Tan Ham Equal Squirrel
Daniel Thomas Mad Hailstone
Collin Johnson Oh Conn Son Jill
Jake Luton Joule Tank
Tyler Davis Stray Devil
Chris Claybrooks Richly Book Scars

Kansas City Chiefs Satisfy As Chicken
Clyde Edwards-Helaire Sewed Elder Chairlady
Willie Gay I Wage Lily
Lucas Niang Suing Canal
L'Jarius Sneed Injured Seals
Mike Danna I Man Naked
Thakarius Keyes I Shakes A Turkey

Las Vegas Raiders A Visa Regardless
Henry Ruggs Shy Erg Rung
Damon Arnette Nematode Rant
Lynn Bowden N/A
Bryan Edwards Dew Barnyards
Tanner Muse Nest Manure
John Simpson Mops In Johns
Amik Robertson Not Smokier Bra

Los Angeles Chargers Gas Rose Challengers
Justin Herbert Thin Rub Jester
Kenneth Murray Hurry Men Taken
Joshua Kelley Easy Hull Joke
Joe Reed Jeer Doe
Alohi Gilman Hang Oil Mail
K.J. Hill N/A

Los Angeles Rams Angler Molasses
Cam Akers A Smacker
Van Jefferson N/A
Terrell Lewis Let Reel Swirl
Terrell Burgess Less Regret Blur
Brycen Hopkins Skinny Herb Cop
Jordan Fuller Full Drone Jar
Clay Johnston Jot Nylon Cash
Sam Sloman Slams Mason
Tremayne Anchrum Mean Than Mercury

Miami Dolphins Midshipman Oil
Tua Tagovailoa Auto Goat Avail
Austin Jackson Asks A Junction
Noah Igbinoghene I Bone Hanging Hoe
Robert Hunt Brother Nut
Raekwon Davis Invoked As War
Brandon Jones No Nerd Banjos
Solomon Kindley Old Lion Monkeys
Jason Strowbridge God Brews Janitors
Curtis Weaver Recruits Wave
Blake Ferguson Forsaken Bulge
Malcolm Perry Merry Mall Cop

Minnesota Vikings Mistaking Venison
Justin Jefferson Rejoins Jet Snuff
Jeff Gladney En Fed Jag Fly
Ezra Cleveland Even All Crazed
Cameron Dantzler Crazed Lemon Rant
D.J. Wonnum N/A
James Lynch Lynches Jam
Troy Dye Dyer Toy
Harrison Hand Ran Rhino Dash
K.J. Osborn Nork Jobs (u/oprimaelocho)
Blake Brandel Banked Baller
Josh Metellus Just Some Hell
Kenny Willekes New Elk Skyline
Nate Stanley Teen Analyst
Brian Cole No Caliber
Kyle Hinton Then In Yolk

New England Patriots Petting A Landowners
Kyle Dugger Gurgled Key
Josh Uche N/A
Anfernee Jennings Gene In Fern Jeans
Devin Asiasi I Invade A Sis
Dalton Keene Not A Kneeled
Justin Rohrwasser Injures War Shorts
Michael Onwenu Nice Humane Owl
Justin Herron Injures North
Cassh Maluia Has A Musical
Dustin Woodard Dad Riot Wounds

New Orleans Saints No Slant Weariness
Cesar Ruiz Us Crazier
Zack Baun N/A
Adam Trautman Mama At Tundra
Tommy Stevens My Venom Tests

New York Giants Knew Gyrations
Andrew Thomas Homeward Ants
Xavier McKinney I Even Mix Cranky
Matt Peart Tat Tamper
Darnay Holmes Harmony Deals
Shane Lemieux Exhume Aliens
Cam Brown Warn Comb
Carter Coughlin Crouching Alert
T.J. Brunson BJ Turn Ons (u/oprimaelocho)
Chris Williamson Choir In Sawmills
Tae Crowder Cowered Rat

New York Jets We Snot Jerky
Mekhi Becton No Meek Bitch
Denzel Mims Slimmed Zen (u/TimDunkan)
Ashtyn Davis This Shy Navy
Jabari Zuniga I Ruin A Zag Jab
La'Mical Perine Prime Alliance
James Morgan Major Men Gas
Cameron Clark Crackle Manor
Bryce Hall Belly Arch
Braden Mann Damn Banner

Philadelphia Eagles Illegal Headship Ape
Jalen Reagor A Jog Learner
Jalen Hurts Ten Lush Jar
Davion Taylor Toad Oar Vinyl
K'Von Wallace Clank A Vowel
Jack Driscoll Call Jock Rids
John Hightower How He Thorn Jig
Shaun Bradley Husbandly Ear
Quez Watkins We Stank Quiz
Prince Tega Wanogho Opera Ace Nightgown
Casey Toohill Loyalist Echo

Pittsburgh Steelers Brightest Slurp Tees
Chase Claypool A Locale Psycho
Alex Highsmith Thigh Leash Mix
Anthony McFarland Jr My Damn Jolt Ranch Fan
Kevin Dotson Invoked Snot
Antoine Brooks Rain Notebooks
Carlos Davis Saliva Cords

San Francisco 49ers 49 Carcass Infernos
Javon Kinlaw Know Van Jail
Brandon Aiyuk Okay Ruin Band
Colton McKivitz It Mock Volt Zinc
Charlie Woerner Heroine Crawler
Jauan Jennings In Jag Nun Jeans

Seattle Seahawks Weakest Hat Sales
Jordyn Brooks Sky Nor Rod Job
Darrell Taylor Lordly Real Art
Damien Lewis I Mind Weasel
Colby Parkinson No Skip Carbonyl
DeeJay Dallas Add A Sea Jelly
Alton Robinson No Barn Lotions
Freddie Swain Dawn Fireside
Stephen Sullivan Valentines Plush

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bet Cabana Supremacy
Tristan Wirfs Warns It First
Antoine Winfield Jr Final Twin Rejoined
Ke'Shawn Vaughn Shaven Hawk Gun
Tyler Johnson Only Horn Jets
Khalil Davis Kill Via Dash
Chapelle Russell All Lurches Sleep
Raymond Calais Irony Mac Salad

Tennessee Titans Nineteens States
Isaiah Wilson A Liaison Wish
Kristian Fulton Afro Tit Unlinks
Darrynton Evans Yarn Ant Vendors
Larrell Murchison Rim Roll Launchers
Cole McDonald Called Condom
Chris Jackson Hijacks Corns

Washington Redskins Rethinking Ass Downs
Chase Young One Cash Guy
Antonio Gibson Boasting Onion
Saahdiq Charles N/A
Antonio Gandy-Golden No Tango And Yodeling
Keith Ismael I Metal Sheik
Khaleke Hudson Hole Head Skunk
Kamren Curl Murk Lancer
James Smith-Williams His Wise Mammal Jilts
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How can I discover what other industries, fields and jobs there are out there?

So I've spent my entire working life working jobs I don't particularly like. I'm 31 and the last 7 years have been spent operating, managing and running online casinos. I quit recently because I couldn't take it any more. The only reason I stuck around was because the money was really good. I left school after high school and only went back for some IT diplomas about 10 years ago. I've been unemployed for a couple of months and have finally had the time to realise I hate corporate jobs. I've started some hobbies that are hands on - making bits and pieces out of leather etc. I enjoy it but have nowhere near enough skill and experience to make it a full time business yet, though maybe one day.
In the meantime, how can I find what sort of jobs are out there that I didn't even know existed? Having spent so long in the gambling industry, I've tuned out everything else. My LinkedIn, connections, friends etc all exist within this gambling bubble. I've searched for job ad websites and recruitment agencies etc but they all seem to only list office and retail jobs.
Any experiences or wisdom you could share would be appreciated!
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The Diamond Casino & Resort: Los Santos - Grand Opening Megathread

GTA Online's brand new Diamond Casino & Resort will be available July 23rd.

News & Information Directly from Rockstar

- GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort (Trailer)

- The Diamond Casino & Resort Grand Opening - July 23rd (Newswire)

[Casino Trailer]
Experience Excellence. The Diamond Casino & Resort opens for your enjoyment in the heart of Los Santos this Tuesday, July 23rd.

Opening Soon

[Casino Image]
The massive construction project on the corner of Vinewood Park Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard is nearing completion, radically changing the skyline of Los Santos forever. When the brand-new Diamond Casino & Resort opens its doors, one and all are welcome inside to play, or just to stay in the most luxurious residence in the entire state. More than just a place to let go of your inhibitions and your sense of the passage of time, The Diamond is the one-stop destination for quality entertainment, high-end living and a range of experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

The Casino

[Roulette Table Image]
If you're looking to dive into the action, the casino floor has a selection of activities to enjoy. Play against the house using Chips in Three Card Poker, Blackjack and Roulette. Slot Machines with a variety of prizes are also at your fingertips, while Inside Track offers a lounge to watch and cheer along with friends as the drama of virtual horse racing unfolds. Spin the Lucky Wheel in the lobby for chips, cash, and clothing or even the new Truffade Thrax supercar that can be found whirling on the podium during opening week. And be sure to check back each week to see what new high-end vehicle can be won. Check Rockstar Support for details and limitations.
Guests looking to push the limits of high-end resort fashion can also choose from the carefully curated rotation of new clothing and accessories in the Casino Store.

The Penthouse

[Penthouse Image]
Sitting atop The Diamond is an oasis of luxury for those shopping for a lavish pied-à-terre or just a feature-laden property in which to entertain friends. The Master Penthouse that sits beside the Roof Terrace with infinity pool and stunning views entitles the owner to VIP Membership status including access to VIP Lounges, High-Limit tables, plus a range of special services via the Penthouse phone including aircraft and limousine services and more. Renovate your residence with several upgradeable floorplans including a private Spa with a round-the-clock personal stylist, a Bar and Party area perfect for hosting raging Member Parties and featuring private retro arcade games, and a Media Room to enjoy games of Don’t Cross the Line and contemporary Vinewood cinema like Meltdown and The Loneliest Robot In Great Britain. As an owner, you can select the Penthouse’s color palette and patterns, and cement a place among the LS nouveau riche with a range of modern art from the Casino Store – from refined portraiture to pop art and daring modern sculpture – that can all be moved and placed around your property.
With a Master Penthouse you’ll also become a member of The Diamond family, and the family business needs your attention. Help property owner Tao Cheng and The Diamond staff protect their investment from the clutches of a corrupt family of Texan petrochemical magnates in a series of all new co-operative missions. Each mission pays out special Awards for first-time completion and hosting the entire story thread will reward you with a highly coveted, brand-new vehicle free of charge. You can also pickup additional work and odd jobs to earn extra cash and chips with a quick phone call to the Diamond’s head of operations, Agatha Baker.

Twitch Prime

[Another Penthouse(?) Image]
As part of the Rockstar Games Social Club x Twitch Prime Benefits program, all GTA Online players who link their Social Club account with Twitch Prime and claim their Twitch Prime benefits by the end of day on July 19th will be able to purchase the Master Penthouse for free in the Diamond Casino & Resort, as well as receive GTA$1.25M and up to 15% extra GTA$ on purchases of Shark Cash Cards.
Visit Twitch Prime and sign up to receive these perks and more coming soon, and visit the Social Club Events page to keep up with all special events, bonuses, and more in GTA Online.

Stay Tuned

[New Supercar Image, presumably the Truffade Thrax]
Visit to see more details on what The Diamond has to offer, including Penthouse comforts, membership perks, and so much more.
We're also extending last week's bonuses through July 24th, so make the most of your time on the Stunt track – or contract as a Bodyguard/Associate on lucrative Business Battles, VIP Work, Sell Missions and more – and we'll see you at the grand opening.

Check out this website. Seriously. It's a real website and it will give you a fantastic "in-character" look at what the update will bring. This website is better designed and more attractive than some real businesses' websites, believe me.


[Imgur Mirror]
Experience Excellence

A Luxury Casino & Resort In The Heart Of Vinewood

You've heard the rumors. You want to believe them, and there's only one way to find out. Abandon your preconceptions. Let go of your inhibitions, your doubts, your sense of proportion, your credit rating. The rumors didn't begin to do it justice. Welcome to The Diamond. Grand Opening July 23.


[Imgur Mirror]

Casino and Resort Membership

The Diamond is everyone’s playground. Invest in a Standard Membership today and you’ll be a lifelong partner in our project to meaningfully raise the standard of living for the one percent.

VIP Membership

At The Diamond, there are members, and there are members. And if you want to be the latter, you’re only a penthouse key away from enjoying the kind of status that only systemic elitism can provide.
Experience Preeminence

Parking Garage

This is not merely a garage. It’s not merely a maximum security, subterranean storage unit. Think of it as an air-conditioned, custom-built, expertly curated museum, where our clients can admire each other’s collections in peace and comfort.
Experience Accidents


Step out of our front door, right into your front seat: our valets are available 24/7, and are trained to never to look in the trunk, never to open the glove compartment, and never to ask questions.
Experience Incontinence

Champagne Service

Our client code of conduct states that if any member is seen ordering a bottle of our finest champagne, spraying half of it over the most exclusive clientele in the state, and downing the rest straight from the bottle, our security teams are obliged to loudly applaud.
Experience Turbulence

Aircraft Concierge

Going up? Let our concierge service take care of all your pre-flight checks, so you can step right into the cockpit with the engine ready for takeoff.
Experience Maintenance

Cleaning Service

We recruit our housekeepers from the most respected crime scene cleanup teams in the state. There is no bodily fluid or potentially infectious material they can’t remove in the time it takes you to find an alibi.
Experience Convenience

Limousine Service

Leaving The Diamond can be a traumatic experience, but we know how to cushion the blow. Our resident guests can order a Diamond Limousine to take them almost anywhere in the state, free of charge.
Experience Irrelevance

Members Party

Why go to the party, when the party can come to you? If you’re one of our resident members, you only need to click your fingers and we’ll provide the drinks, the music, and the dozens of close personal friends.
Experience Flatulence

VIP Lounge

Available exclusively to our resident members, this is the inner sanctum of indulgence, the apex of affluence, the pinnacle of privilege, the high point of high society.
Experience Arrogance

High Limit Tables

Welcome to the grown-up table: resident guests are entitled to play in our high-limit suites.

The Penthouses

[Imgur Mirror]
Experience Residence

The Penthouses

A penthouse at The Diamond is not just a palace. It’s your palace. If you want a private spa, you can have it. Home cinema? Consider it done. Your own personal bar, private arcade cabinets, and office space? Just say the word: Diamond.
Experience Prominence

Master Bedroom

Silk sheets, fresh air bottled on the summit of Mount Chiliad, and round the clock access to the greatest roof terrace in Los Santos.
Experience Adolescence

Spare Bedroom

We all have that one friend. With a spare bedroom, they’ll have somewhere to crash that isn’t your bidet, and with access to their personal wardrobe they won’t have to keep borrowing your clothes.
Experience Fragrance

Spa Room

Your private spa comes with a round-the-clock personal stylist and a hot tub infused with extract of jojoba and a dissociative anesthetic.
Experience Interpretive Dance

Bar & Party Area

Why go to a night club, when a night club can come to you? The most exclusive venue in town is the one where you’re in charge of the guest list.
Experience Incompetence

Arcade Games

Time to dig out the high-waisted jeans and the fluorescent headband: Diamond Casinos have the exclusive rights to classic arcade games Invade and Persuade II and Street Crime: Gang Wars Edition.
Experience Correspondence


Sometimes you need to take care of your affairs, but there’s no reason you should have to leave the lap of luxury to do it. All of our offices come with a gun locker and a hidden safe as standard.

The Casino

[Imgur Mirror]
Experience Affluence

The Casino

Here, your dreams are reality, and your reality is a dream. Here, every whim can be satisfied, every fantasy fulfilled – no impulse control, no windows, no clocks, and no clearly labelled exits. Welcome to the Diamond standard.
Experience Eminence

Table Games

Don't be fooled. Roulette, blackjack, poker - at The Diamond, these aren't games. Every card dealt, every spin of the wheel, every polished quip, every gasp of the crowd, every delusion of grandeur: this is art.
Experience Overconfidence

Slot Machines

Here at The Diamond, we understand the fine art of the slot machine. We recognize the split-second reflexes, the years of research and training, the rock-solid intuition and the towering IQ that make a true master. That’s right. We’ve been waiting for you.
Experience Subservience

Inside Track

Horse racing is the sport of kings, and Inside Track is the only way to experience it – the drama, the majesty, the excitement, the perfectly simulated aroma of freshly cut turf and hot manure - all without leaving the comfort of a bespoke, air-conditioned suite.
Experience Tumescence

Lucky Wheel

Some people say that fortune favors the brave. Here at The Diamond, we’d rather say that destiny favors those with a full membership. Spin the wheel once a day, and you’re guaranteed a massive dose of self-importance every time.

Casino Store

[Imgur Mirror]
Experience Incontinence

Casino Store

Exclusive fashion. Unique designer artwork. There are some things in life that money can’t buy. But don’t fret. Our in-house store offers a rotating selection of tastefully curated items that can be purchased with Chips.



  • The newly renovated casino is located at the racetrack in east Vinewood Hills, by the highway. It is owned by Tao Cheng.
  • Brucie is making a return as a character in this update
  • In the casino you can play a number of games, including:
    • Three Card Poker
    • Blackjack
    • Roulette
    • Slot Machines
    • Retro Arcade Games (?)
  • There is a wheel you can spin once per day in order to earn prizes like RP, GTA$, discounts, clothing, and even high-end vehicles.
  • There is a horse-racing and betting component, although it is unclear if it is only simulated and interacted with via the "Inside Track" room of the casino, or if the horse racing actually takes place in the game world, instanced or not.
  • The casino has a penthouse/residential component to it. Owners of the Master Penthouse can upgrade their residence with a private spa, a bar and party area, and a media room. Residents will also be able to spend chips on art and collectibles at the Casino Store which can be used to decorate the penthouse.
  • As a penthouse resident, you will get access to the business aspect of the casino, requiring you to work with Cheng to prevent a rich Texan family from taking over the casino. In addition to this storyline, you can do side jobs for the casino to earn GTA$ and chips.
  • The casino has a store that accepts chips as payment. You can use the chips to buy collectibles and decorations for your penthouse as well as clothing and accessories.

If you think I should add something to the summary, please let me know in the comments.

Also, if there is any other detailed information I can include elsewhere, I'd love to hear it. Particularly in analyzing the videos and screenshots and identifying new cars, etc.

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Looking for others to play with? Post here!

Hey /GTAV, use this thread to recruit for your crew or to find others to play with.
Don't forget to check out the reddit communities, /REBL - /RedditDads and others here.
If you're looking for friends.
Post your in-game name, your timezone and what platform you play on, e.g:
If you're a crew that's recruiting.
Post your platform(s), what times you usually play and any other relevant info, e.g:
  • Posse name: Generic GTA Crew
  • Playtimes: Evenings EST
  • Activities: PVP
  • Crew leader: AutoModerator
  • Website: or a Discord link.
Note: crew recruitment posts must have the above detail, posting a link isn't good enough and will be removed.
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188bet Thailand Online Gambling

188bet Thailand Online Gambling
Thailand online gambling center 24 hours a day, gambling website is best. It is a website that is trusted by many players. And our website is also available in Thailand to open to players In Thailand Come in bet Or invest in our website.
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Every player who uses this web service will have a wide variety of gambling experiences that will not disappoint you because of our website. Has received international standards, guarantees the fun that you will receive in full.
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List of Instagram business categories

Academic Camp
Addiction Resources Center
Addiction Service
Addiction Treatment Center
Adult Entertainment Service
Advertising Agency
Aerospace Company
African Restaurant
Agricultural Cooperative
Agricultural Service
Airline Company
Airline Industry Service
Airport Shuttle Service
Alternative & Holistic Health Service
Amateur Photographer
Amateur Sports Team
American Restaurant
Amusement & Theme Park
Animal Shelter
Antique Store
Apartment & Condo Building
Apostolic Church
App Page
Apparel & Clothing
Apparel Distributor
Appliance Manufacturer
Appliance Repair Service
Aquatic Pet Store
Arabian Restaurant
Architectural Designer
Architectural Engineer
Architectural Tour Agency
Argentinian Restaurant
Aromatherapy Service
Art Gallery
Art Museum
Art Restoration Service
Art School
Art Tour Agency
Arts & Crafts Store
Arts & Entertainment
Arts & Humanities Website
Asian Fusion Restaurant
Asian Restaurant
Assemblies Of God
Astrologist & Psychic
Atv Recreation Park
Auction House
Audio Visual Equipment Store
Australian Restaurant
Auto Detailing Service
Automated Teller Machine (Atm)
Automation Service
Automotive Body Shop
Automotive Consultant
Automotive Customization Shop
Automotive Dealership
Automotive Glass Service
Automotive Leasing Service
Automotive Manufacturer
Automotive Parts Store
Automotive Repair Shop
Automotive Restoration Service
Automotive Service
Automotive Store
Automotive Window Tinting Service
Automotive, Aircraft & Boat
Aviation School
Awning Supplier
Baby & Children's Clothing Store
Baby Goods/Kids Goods
Bags & Luggage Company
Bags & Luggage Store
Bail Bondsmen
Bankruptcy Lawyer
Bar & Grill
Barbecue Restaurant
Barber Shop
Bartending Service
Beach Resort
Beauty Salon
Beauty Store
Beauty Supplier
Beauty Supply Store
Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care
Bed And Breakfast
Beer Bar
Beer Garden
Belgian Restaurant
Bicycle Repair Service
Bicycle Shop
Big Box Retailer
Bike Rental
Biotechnology Company
Blinds & Curtains Store
Board Game
Boat / Sailing Instructor
Boat Dealership
Boat Rental
Boat Service
Boat Tour Agency
Boat/Ferry Company
Book & Magazine Distributor
Book Series
Botanical Garden
Bottled Water Company
Bottled Water Supplier
Boutique Store
Bowling Alley
Boxing Studio
Brand Agency
Brazilian Restaurant
Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant
Bridal Shop
British Restaurant
Broadcasting & Media Production Company
Brokerage Firm
Bubble Tea Shop
Buffet Restaurant
Building Material Store
Building Materials
Burger Restaurant
Bus Line
Bus Tour Agency
Business & Economy Website
Business Center
Business Consultant
Business Service
Business Supply Service
Butcher Shop
Cabinet & Countertop Store
Cable & Satellite Company
Camera Store
Campus Building
Canadian Restaurant
Candy Store
Canoe & Kayak Rental
Cantonese Restaurant
Car Dealership
Car Rental
Car Wash
Career Counselor
Cargo & Freight Company
Caribbean Restaurant
Carnival Supply Store
Carpet & Flooring Store
Cash Advance Service
Casino & Gaming
Champagne Bar
Charity Organization
Charter Bus Service
Cheese Shop
Chemical Company
Chicken Joint
Child Care Service
Child Protective Service
Chimney Sweeper
Chinese Restaurant
Chocolate Shop
Christian Church
Church Of Christ
Church Of God
Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints
City Infrastructure
Cleaning Service
Clothing (Brand)
Clothing Company
Clothing Store
Cocktail Bar
Coffee Shop
Collectibles Store
College & University
Colombian Restaurant
Comedy Club
Comfort Food Restaurant
Comic Bookstore
Commercial & Industrial
Commercial & Industrial Equipment Supplier
Commercial Bank
Commercial Equipment
Commercial Real Estate Agency
Community Center
Community College
Community Museum
Community Organization
Community Service
Computer Company
Computer Repair Service
Computer Store
Computer Training School
Computers & Internet Website
Computers (Brand)
Concert Tour
Concrete Contractor
Construction Company
Consulate & Embassy
Consulting Agency
Contemporary Art Museum
Continental Restaurant
Convenience Store
Convent & Monastery
Convention Center
Cooking School
Copywriting Service
Corporate Lawyer
Corporate Office
Cosmetic Dentist
Cosmetics Store
Cosmetology School
Costume Shop
Country Club / Clubhouse
Credit Counseling Service
Cricket Ground
Criminal Lawyer
Cruise Agency
Cruise Line
Cultural Center
Cultural Gifts Store
Cupcake Shop
Currency Exchange
Dairy Farm
Damage Restoration Service
Dance & Night Club
Dance School
Dance Studio
Dating Service
Day Care
Day Spa
Deck & Patio Builder
Defense Company
Demolition & Excavation Company
Dentist & Dental Office
Department Store
Design & Fashion
Dessert Shop
Digital Creator
Dim Sum Restaurant
Disc Golf Course
Discount Store
Dive Bar
Diving Spot
Divorce & Family Lawyer
Dog Day Care Center
Dog Park
Dog Trainer
Dog Walker
Dominican Restaurant
Donut Shop
Drafting Service
Drive-In Movie Theater
Driving School
Drug Addiction Treatment Center
Dry Cleaner
Dui Lawyer
E-Cigarette Store
Eco Tour Agency
E-Commerce Website
Education Company
Education Website
Educational Consultant
Educational Research Center
Educational Supply Store
Electronics Company
Electronics Store
Elementary School
Elevator Service
Emergency Rescue Service
Employment Agency
Energy Company
Engineering Service
Entertainment Website
Environmental Conservation Organization
Environmental Consultant
Environmental Service
Equestrian Center
Escape Game Room
Esports League
Estate Planning Lawyer
Ethiopian Restaurant
European Restaurant
Evangelical Church
Event Photographer
Event Planner
Event Videographer
Exotic Car Rental
Fabric Store
Family Doctor
Family Medicine Practice
Family Style Restaurant
Farmers Market
Fashion Company
Fashion Designer
Fashion Model
Fast Food Restaurant
Fence & Gate Contractor
Fertility Doctor
Fictional Character
Field Of Study
Filipino Restaurant
Film Director
Finance Company
Financial Aid Service
Financial Consultant
Financial Planner
Financial Service
Fire Protection Service
Fireplace Store
Fish & Chips Restaurant
Fish Farm
Fish Market
Fishing Spot
Fishing Store
Fitness Boot Camp
Fitness Model
Fitness Trainer
Flea Market
Flight School
Flyboarding Center
Fondue Restaurant
Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage Company
Food Consultant
Food Delivery Service
Food Stand
Food Tour Agency
Food Truck
Food Wholesaler
Foodservice Distributor
Footwear Store
Forestry & Logging
Forestry Service
Franchising Service
French Restaurant
Frozen Yogurt Shop
Fruit & Vegetable Store
Funeral Service & Cemetery
Furniture Repair & Upholstery Service
Furniture Store
Gaming Video Creator
Garage Door Service
Garden Center
Gas & Chemical Service
Gas Station
Gay Bar
Gelato Shop
General Dentist
German Restaurant
Gift Shop
Glass & Mirror Shop
Glass Manufacturer
Glass Service
Gluten-Free Restaurant
Go-Kart Track
Golf Cart Dealership
Golf Course & Country Club
Government Building
Government Official
Government Organization
Government Website
Granite & Marble Supplier
Graphic Designer
Greek Restaurant
Grocery Store
Gun Store
Gutter Cleaning Service
Gym/Physical Fitness Center
Hair Extensions Service
Hair Removal Service
Hair Replacement Service
Hair Salon
Halal Restaurant
Hardware Store
Hat Store
Haunted House
Hawaiian Restaurant
Health & Wellness Website
Health Food Restaurant
Health Food Store
Health Spa
Healthcare Administrator
Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Service
High School
Hiking Trail
Hindu Temple
Historical Tour Agency
History Museum
Home & Garden Store
Home & Garden Website
Home Decor
Home Goods Store
Home Health Care Service
Home Improvement
Home Improvement Service
Home Inspector
Home Mover
Home Security Company
Home Staging Service
Home Theater Store
Home Window Service
Homebrew Supply Store
Hong Kong Restaurant
Hookah Lounge
Horse Trainer
Horseback Riding Center
Hospitality Service
Hot Air Balloon Tour Agency
Hot Dog Joint
Hotel & Lodging
Hotel Bar
Hotel Resort
Hotel Services Company
House Painting
House Sitter
Household Supplies
Housing Assistance Service
Hungarian Restaurant
Ice Cream Shop
Ice Skating Rink
Image Consultant
Immigration Lawyer
Independent Bookstore
Indian Chinese Restaurant
Indian Restaurant
Indo Chinese Restaurant
Indonesian Restaurant
Industrial Company
Information Technology Company
In-Home Service
Insurance Agent
Insurance Broker
Insurance Company
Intellectual Property Lawyer
Interior Design Studio
Internet Cafe
Internet Company
Internet Marketing Service
Internet Service Provider
Investing Service
Investment Bank
Investment Management Company
Irish Restaurant
Italian Restaurant
Janitorial Service
Japanese Restaurant
Jazz & Blues Club
Jet Ski Rental
Jewelry & Watches Company
Jewelry & Watches Store
Jewelry Wholesaler
Just For Fun
Kids Entertainment Service
Kitchen & Bath Contractor
Kiteboarding Center
Korean Restaurant
Kosher Restaurant
Labor Union
Landmark & Historical Place
Landscape Architect
Landscape Company
Landscape Designer
Language School
Laser Hair Removal Service
Laser Tag Center
Lasik/Laser Eye Surgeon
Latin American Restaurant
Law Enforcement Agency
Lawyer & Law Firm
Lebanese Restaurant
Legal Service
Lifestyle Service
Lighting Store
Ligurian Restaurant
Limo Service
Lingerie & Underwear Store
Literary Arts
Literary Editor
Live Music Venue
Livery Stable
Livestock Farm
Loan Service
Local & Travel Website
Local Business
Local Service
Lottery Retailer
Luggage Service
Makeup Artist
Malaysian Restaurant
Management Service
Marine Supply Store
Market Research Consultant
Marketing Agency
Marketing Consultant
Marriage Therapist
Martial Arts School
Masonry Contractor
Massage Service
Massage Therapist
Maternity & Nursing Clothing Store
Mattress Manufacturer
Mattress Store
Mattress Wholesaler
Meat Wholesaler
Media Agency
Media/News Company
Medical & Health
Medical Cannabis Dispensary
Medical Center
Medical Company
Medical Equipment Manufacturer
Medical Equipment Supplier
Medical Lab
Medical Procedure
Medical School
Medical Service
Medical Spa
Medical Supply Store
Meditation Center
Mediterranean Restaurant
Meeting Room
Men's Clothing Store
Mental Health Service
Merchandising Service
Metal Fabricator
Metal Supplier
Methodist Church
Mexican Restaurant
Middle Eastern Restaurant
Middle School
Miniature Golf Course
Mining Company
Mobile Home Park
Mobile Phone Shop
Modeling Agency
Modern Art Museum
Modern European Restaurant
Moroccan Restaurant
Mortgage Brokers
Motivational Speaker
Motor Vehicle Company
Motorcycle Dealership
Motorcycle Manufacturer
Motorcycle Repair Shop
Motorsports Store
Mountain Biking Shop
Movie & Music Store
Movie Character
Movie Theater
Movie/Television Studio
Moving & Storage Service
Music Award
Music Chart
Music Lessons & Instruction School
Music Production Studio
Music Video
Musical Genre
Musical Instrument
Musical Instrument Store
Nail Salon
National Forest
National Park
Nature Preserve
Neapolitan Restaurant
New American Restaurant
News & Media Website
News Personality
Night Market
Nondenominational Church
Non-Governmental Organization (Ngo)
Nonprofit Organization
Notary Public
Nurseries & Gardening Store
Nursing School
Obstetrician-Gynecologist (Obgyn)
Occupational Safety And Health Service
Occupational Therapist
Office Equipment Store
Office Supplies
Opera House
Oral Surgeon
Organic Grocery Store
Osteopathic Doctor
Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company
Outdoor Equipment Store
Outdoor Recreation
Outlet Store
Paddleboarding Center
Paintball Center
Pakistani Restaurant
Party Entertainment Service
Party Supply & Rental Shop
Passport & Visa Service
Paving & Asphalt Service
Pawn Shop
Pentecostal Church
Performance & Event Venue
Performance Art
Performance Art Theatre
Performing Arts
Performing Arts School
Personal Assistant
Personal Blog
Personal Chef
Personal Coach
Personal Injury Lawyer
Personal Trainer
Personal Website
Peruvian Restaurant
Pest Control Service
Pet Adoption Service
Pet Breeder
Pet Cafe
Pet Groomer
Pet Service
Pet Sitter
Pet Store
Pet Supplies
Petroleum Service
Petting Zoo
Pharmaceutical Company
Pharmacy / Drugstore
Pho Restaurant
Photography Museum
Photography Videography
Physical Therapist
Pilates Studio
Pizza Place
Plastic Company
Plastic Manufacturer
Plastic Surgeon
Plumbing Service
Police Station
Polish Restaurant
Political Candidate
Political Organization
Political Party
Pop-Up Shop
Portable Building Service
Portuguese Restaurant
Post Office
Pregnancy Care Center
Printing Service
Private Investigator
Private Members Club
Private Plane Charter
Private School
Professional Gamer
Professional Service
Professional Sports Team
Property Lawyer
Property Management Company
Public & Government Service
Public Figure
Public Relations Agency
Public School
Public Service
Public Swimming Pool
Public Utility Company
Race Track
Radio Station
Rafting/Kayaking Center
Ramen Restaurant
Real Estate
Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Appraiser
Real Estate Company
Real Estate Developer
Real Estate Investment Firm
Real Estate Lawyer
Real Estate Service
Real Estate Title & Development
Record Label
Recreation & Sports Website
Recreation Center
Recreation Spot
Recycling & Waste Management
Recycling Center
Reference Website
Refrigeration Service
Regional Website
Religious Bookstore
Religious Center
Religious Organization
Rental Shop
Reproductive Service
Restaurant Supply Store
Restaurant Wholesaler
Retail Company
Retirement & Assisted Living Facility
Rideshare Service
Robotics Company
Rock Climbing Gym
Roller Skating Rink
Roofing Service
Rose Garden
Rugby Pitch
Rv Park
Rv Repair Shop
Safety & First Aid Service
Sake Bar
Salsa Club
Sandwich Shop
School Sports League
School Sports Team
School Transportation Service
Science Museum
Science Website
Science, Technology & Engineering
Scooter Rental
Screen Printing & Embroidery
Scuba Diving Center
Scuba Instructor
Sculpture Garden
Seafood Restaurant
Seasonal Store
Secretarial Service
Security Guard Service
Self-Storage Facility
Service Apartments
Sewer Service
Sewing & Alterations
Sex Therapist
Shaved Ice Shop
Shipping Supply & Service
Shopping & Retail
Shopping District
Shopping Mall
Shopping Service
Sightseeing Tour Agency
Signs & Banner Service
Sikh Temple
Skate Shop
Skateboard Park
Ski & Snowboard Shop
Ski Resort
Skin Care Service
Skydiving Center
Smoothie & Juice Bar
Snorkeling Spot
Soba Restaurant
Soccer Field
Social Club
Social Media Agency
Social Service
Society & Culture Website
Software Company
Solar Energy Company
Solar Energy Service
Sorority & Fraternity
Soul Food Restaurant
Soup Restaurant
South African Restaurant
Southern Restaurant
Souvenir Shop
Spanish Restaurant
Specialty Grocery Store
Specialty School
Speech Pathologist
Sporting Goods Store
Sports & Fitness Instruction
Sports & Recreation
Sports & Recreation Venue
Sports Bar
Sports Club
Sports Event
Sports League
Sports Promoter
Sports Team
Sportswear Store
Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue
Stately Home
Statue & Fountain
Storage Facility
Structural Engineer
Subway Station
Sunglasses & Eyewear Store
Surf Shop
Surfing Spot
Sushi Restaurant
Swimming Instructor
Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Service
Swimming Pool Cleaner
Swimwear Store
Talent Agent
Tanning Salon
Tapas Bar & Restaurant
Tattoo & Piercing Shop
Tax Preparation Service
Taxi Service
Tea Room
Teens & Kids Website
Teeth Whitening Service
Telecommunication Company
Telemarketing Service
Tennis Court
Test Preparation Center
Tex-Mex Restaurant
Textile Company
Thai Restaurant
Theatrical Play
Theatrical Productions
Theme Restaurant
Thrift & Consignment Store
Ticket Sales
Tiling Service
Tire Dealer & Repair Shop
Tobacco Company
Tobacco Store
Tour Agency
Tour Guide
Tourist Information Center
Towing Service
Toy Store
Trade School
Traffic School
Train Station
Transit Stop
Transit System
Transportation Service
Travel & Transportation
Travel Agency
Travel Company
Travel Service
Tree Cutting Service
Trophies & Engraving Shop
Tuscan Restaurant
Tv Channel
Tv Network
Tv Season
Tv Show
Tv/Movie Award
Uniform Supplier
Urban Farm
Vacation Home Rental
Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant
Video Creator
Video Game
Video Game Store
Vietnamese Restaurant
Vintage Store
Visual Arts
Vitamin Supplement Shop
Waste Management Company
Water Heater Installation & Repair Service
Water Park
Water Treatment Service
Water Utility Company
Waxing Service
Web Designer
Wedding Planning Service
Wedding Venue
Weight Loss Center
Well Water Drilling Service
Whisky Bar
Wholesale & Supply Store
Wholesale Bakery
Wholesale Grocer
Wig Store
Wildlife Sanctuary
Window Installation Service
Wine Bar
Wine, Beer & Spirits Store
Women's Clothing Store
Women's Health Clinic
Work Position
Workplace & Office
Writing Service
Yoga Studio
Youth Organization
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Victim of a possible Money Laundering Scheme

So last Thursday, I transitioned from full time to freelance work. In an effort to quickly start getting new clients or a new remote job, I joined Upwork,, PeoplePerHour, and Guru. I dealt with two scams immediately where people asked me to share my Upwork account. These were too obvious and I dismissed them quickly. The real scam that got me was someone posing as a Hiring Manager for a company called Regulus Therapeutics.
I got a message back from someone whom I had sent a proposal to. The listing was very vague, specifying: "web designer to work on our clients websites". When he replied, he attached a document about meeting him on Google Hangouts. This should have been the first red flag; I had just dealt with a previous scammer whom I met on skype, which ended up trolling. Instead my mind thought that it was some recruiter for a company who was just posting a full time job. I went to Hangouts to meet the guy. The guy's name was different than the upwork name, another red flag. He interviewed me for hours, telling me about Regulus and the website, which looked like it did need fixing, which made it more believable, and then giving me a questionnaire which took me half an hour to finish. Afterwards, he took another 10 minutes to "send the results to upper management". He later told me that I got the job. I was pretty stoked. He told me to report to him on Hangouts the next morning.
When I showed up, he told me that one of the benefits was a sign-up bonus, a check to purchase equipment for whatever I needed to do my work. Knowing that some companies do offer this type of benefit, I found it more believable, but it was another warning flag. I printed the check so that I could deposit on my mobile banking app. The first time it declined, so the guy gave me another check. I noticed that the second check came from a casino. This should have been the biggest red flag, but for some reason I thought the guy could have another company (or maybe upper management did), after all, Regulus is a huge company with it's own ticker on the stock exchange, so I believed the check to be legit. It went through but the funds were not available till the next day, so he told me to show up the next day.
Next morning, the funds went through, to my surprise. So now he told me that I had to purchase the equipment from special vendors which the company has dealt with for years, except he told me that the vendors accepted Apple pay and various other money transfer apps, another red flag. At this point I was getting a little concerned, but considering that this was his money and that this was all to establish trust in that I could handle payments, I kept going. I made one transaction with part of the money, which came through. I did another through paypal, which was accepted but delayed. Then I did one through google pay. Lastly, I didn't have any other apps or accounts that could make other payments, so the guy asked me to use gift cards. At this point I was weirded out because this is typical scammer tactics, but I went through with it and got gift cards. My mind simply told me to keep going because it was his money not mine and that I might as well get it out of my account so I don't get in trouble.
When I got home, I had the cards ready and he told me to send me pictures of them. This was when everything clicked for me and I stopped. I went on Upwork to do some research on scams and found out that this was a common tactic. So I pretended that I had a personal errand come up and that I would meet him later. I panicked and called my bank to dispute some transactions as well as the deposit. The current transactions were put on dispute but because the check was a credit, they couldn't do anything about it (I plan to go on Monday to talk to a representative to get that removed). Then I went to the police to file a report. Not gonna lie, I was scared because the guy new my name, email address, phone number and street address; thought maybe he was gonna come after me. The police reassured me that it's highly unlikely anyone would come after me and gave me advice on handling the issue. Either way, the police report and the bank disputes have been made. I also reported the transaction on paypal and cancelled the google pay transaction. As of right now, there's not much I can do about the gift cards though.
I should have know better, I'm very familiar with scams and this guy got me good. My only concern is what do I do with that money sitting in my bank account and if I should worry that this guy could come after me. I don't want to overreact and think about moving but any advice on that would be appreciated. Let it be a lesson that even experienced computer-savvy persons can be tricked.
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I met Tinsley tonight!

Tinsley!!! (sorry, I had to emojify yours truly)
Yesterday, I was looking at my local casino’s website trying to figure out how to buy Foreigner concert tickets, when I randomly discovered none other than TINSLEY MORTIMER was doing a meet and greet there tonight!! Sooo random! I wasn’t even sure why she was making an appearance, but I figured why the hell not? 🤷‍♀️ I HAD to go see for myself. I recruited my closest Bravo girlfriends (outside of this sub) and we headed to the casino, unsure of what to really expect.
So, we get there and sure enough there was Tinsley in the ballroom with a small line of people waiting to talk to her. Since there wasn’t that many people, she really took her time talking to everyone and taking pictures. We finally get up to our turn, and there was a Bravo guy there with her (it was a Bravo sanctioned event, apparently) and he asked our names and introduced us to Tinsley. He was super nice, too. Tinsley then took several pictures with us (individual, group, and several retakes because she knew she screwed up the pic LOL—-she has her signature look. BTW she is teeeeeny tiny). Then, we go off to a little side table and shoot the shit with her for about 5-6 minutes!
She tells us this is her first time to Albuquerque/NM, the turbulence on the plane was bad because of our mountains, and that’s she’s spent the whole winter in Palm Beach with her mom because NYC stopped filming right before Christmas. I made a little crack about staying out of trouble in Palm Beach and she just rolled with it, talking about cops, how to not end up in jail, how Luanne has to go and copy her (LOL 😂). She made a crack about the old men gambling in the casino. She then told us she has to go back to NYC Monday to film some more of the the “talking head” segments. She said they aren’t shown the scenes during the talking head so when they are asked to talk about the scene, sometimes it’s hard for her to remember what happened from months ago. She also said they are allowed to view the current episodes on the Friday before it airs on Bravo. Then she autographed some pics for us, thanked us and met the next people In line.
Overall, she was incredibly sweet, talkative, and fun. She was a good sport about the fact that Bravo drug her to some random casino in New Mexico. I am not even sure Tinsley herself knew why she was here. 😝 10/10 Tinsley is cool as hell.
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[Hire Me] Blog and Copywriter with Focus on Quality

Hello. I'm a blog and copywriter with good knowledge and experience in digital marketing, tech (including crypto and blockchain), and finance (fintech, casinos, broker reviews, making money online, and so on.) I'm currently working on a project since last year, but I feel like I could be doing what I'm doing for better pay. (I understand that saying that is not very fashionable). Most of my articles are ghost written, but I can send you the Google docs, or even the links to the published articles (if you want.) Right now, I'm offering to work for $0.05 a word. I can write up to 2000 words in a day, and 10 articles in a week. Also, pay can be via credit card or PayPal. Some of my portfolio (these are short-form digital marketing and digital-related articles, but can totally give you samples of other work):
I look forward to hearing from, and engaging you!
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Protecting Yourself From Fraudulent Online Casinos

Players should properly research an online casino before playing in it. This is because you not เว็บพนันออนไลน์ UFABET only risk losing a lot of money but also face the possibility of identity theft. Here you will find a lot of useful tips that will help you detect a fraudulent online casino.
The gambling message board should normally reflect trust and faith.
The online casino should preferably be affiliated to some sort of a physical, non-digital casino.
Recognized casino portals should must know and support that individual casino website.
There should be some sort of a self-labeling system through which users can rate the contents of that site.
The following are some further tips to protect you from falling in the traps of fake casinos:
Casino Licensing
In order for an online casino to be qualified, it has to meet certain standards depending on the country it is based in. Typically, license fees start from $50,000 and are valid for up to 3 years usually. Estimates suggest about 20% of online casinos are operating without proper licenses. You should never play at a website if it is not licensed in the country of origin.
Proper Auditing of Payouts to Players
All reputable casinos get prominent accounting firms to audit and report the payout percentages. For instance, PWC, the biggest Audit firm in the world reviews the payout paid to gamblers by Microgaming as well as the licensed casino websites it operates.
Being part of a Responsible Watchdog Organizations
There are certain so-called "watchdog" organizations that merely act as an online advertising gateway for a group of casinos. A genuine watchdog organization has a set of rules and regulations that govern the different activities of their participating casinos and casino portal sites.
Online casinos activity into the Spanish market as well as the Latin American online casino popularity have been growing tremendously day by day, and it doesn't seem to stop.
For that reason many online casinos are getting very interested on entering into these markets as they are still in certain way virgin.
The two larger markets for the online casino industry are Mexico and Spain, being the second the one that brings more online casino players and therefore, more revenues for the online casinos.
Actually not just online casinos are the ones making good money but also the online casino review sites and online casino affiliates, who found a great niche market to make more money from online casino percertage.
Is true that every online casino has a site in Spanish, but what we can't see is how in their backend they are recruiting new online casino professionals to take care of the support service, live chat and other interesting tools that online casinos must provide to their online casino players.
I'm certain that this tendency on the Latin American and Spanish markets will continue growing on the following months, and years, and don't have to rest importance to Latin origin US citizens who prefer using the Spanish language for news, to shop, and also to gamble at online casinos in Spanish.
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[SECRET] Defense Readiness

With the Union State moving in next door it seems we must massively expand our military in order to stand a chance.
We will begin to ramp up public fear about the Union State invading Brazil. This shouldn't be to hard as both the Union State and Venezuela have a history of trying to invade neighbors. Everyone will be encouraged to attend Home Guard classes to learn how to help defend their country. Leftists will be painted as likely collaborators in an eventual invasion in popular media and in history lessons in schools. Gun ownership will be encouraged in internal media among the members of the PSL, internal media isn't hidden but merely party magazines and websites mostly frequented by party members.
We will begin a massive recruiting drive to match the Union State Republic of Venezuela. We will increase the number of active duty personnel in our army by 250,000 and our reserve personnel by 500,000, for air force we will increase active duty by 60,000 and reserve by 10,000, and for Navy active duty by 25,000 and reserve by 15,000. Home and Coast Guards will be preserved at current numbers. This will still be significantly smaller than the Russian-Venezuelan numbers but remains within reason. Reserve personnel will be recruited for active duty and home guard will be recruited for reserve.
We have recently come into the ownership of the premier exemplar of naval power, an aircraft carrier. We will not publicize our ownership of the carrier at this time, instead having it bought by a shell corp disguised as a PMC located out of Iceland. The Type 001 Liaoning and an air compliment of 26 FC-31M will, pending approval from the UCR training will be conducted out of sight in Tristan da Cunha, if that is not possible we will reach out to the Chinese and then Ecuadorians. Once training is complete, the "PMC" will announce the ship not to their liking and sell it as a casino to another front, an entertainment company. It will be brought to Brazil for "repairs." It will not be transferred to the navy for the foreseeable future. It will alternate between "undergoing trials to test it's seaworthiness" (when it is at sea) and "undergoing repair"(when it is in port). This likely won't be particularly convincing similar to when China did the same thing.
In the past we have worked to expand our munitions making and armaments productions, we will continue that. We will build hardened munitions factories disguised as consumer good factories throughout Manauas and Boa Vista. Munitions factories and armament factories will be made to make Brazil fully self reliant in Curitiba, Recife, Porto Algere, Goiânia, and Sao Luis.
Procurement will be significantly ramped up. We will begin production of a whole slate of new equipment
Type Quantity Years until ready
Proteto-A Class Corvette 2 3 years
Proteto-B Class Corvette 8 3 years
Standard Brazil Missile Boat 20 2 years
E195S 12 2 years
Dropper Class Supply Ship 100 3 years
Storm missile 1,000 3 years
Thunder Payload 500 2 years
Rain Payload 500 2 years
Lightning 200 2 years
AV-VBL 4x4 800 3 years
VBCI-MR Guarani 6x6 APC 1,000 5 years
VBCI-MR Guarani 6x6 IFV 500 4 years
120mm M2 RAIADO 500 5 years
Engesa EE-25 500 2 years
Troller T4 4,500 3 years
Hyundai HD78 975 3 years
Comil Svelto 1,000 3 years
FAB F-39 Gripen 26 4 years
Embraer E-99M 10 1 year
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WTF is going on? The Answer.

*I'm out of available characters for this post - the next update will be in a comment > > >HERE < < <. *
So I've been seeing a bunch of "wtf is going on?" posts from travelers or people not fully aware of the war going on in Eve, and I got a few messages to post my writeup on the reddit rather than as a comment.
As a brief disclaimer, I am fighting on the side of MBC against the Imperium for Snuffed Out - I have tried to keep the bias to the minimum, however if you have an issue with how I have portrayed events, please send me a PM to discuss your concern. I want to try give an accurate account, but simply throwing accusations of bias because one doesn't like the way events have gone isn't going to do anything.
Additionally, I haven't included everything because I'm trying to keep to facts which are a) most important and b) I know a lot about. I am not familiar with the activities of every group, so if you feel you've been left out, again PM me your story so I can look into it and add it if it is relevant to the current campaign.
This post will be updated regularly. Dates for updates will be in GMT+10 because converting to UTC is not fun.
The political structure of Eve before the war was Imperium , a super-coalition of 40,000 members+ having total dominance in the north of the map, in an area called null sec (or 0.0 space, it's lawless and can be player owned). The hallmark of Imperium is enormous numbers of people in generally cheap, but easy to build and replace doctrines (doctrine being a set of ships and tactics) to outnumber an enemy. They were considered to be totally unassailable, possessing manpower and resources far beyond even the most powerful of entities in Eve. The core of the Imperium (which was rebranded from the Cluster Fuck Coalition to increase marketability in other games for their media empire) is Goonswarm, run by The Mittani who has over all control over the Coalition. The Imperium as a coalition is made up of multiple alliances, including Goons, FCON, Razor, SMA, Co2, Bastion and a few others, and this large group of players is one of the ways they derive their enormous power.
Imperium , the big group up north, have been stagnating because no one wants to fight them (they're known for making fights not fun, by intentionally lagging servers, avoiding fights and when they do fight, bringing so many people they can't possibly lose). To counter-act this, they initiated the "Viceroy" program which would see all their neighbours pay them tribute to keep their space. As part of this, they invaded Cloud Ring (Pandemic Horde's region at the time), but were disappointed when PH immediately left, denying any content to the Imperium. Instead, the Imperium were left with weeks of grinding out control of the region, which is both boring and tedious, unaided by the fact many groups found it entertaining to take casual "roams" out to interfere with their fleets trying to take control of the systems.
Low Sec (0.1 - 0.4 space) is another area of space, and has some laws (not many though). The LowSec entities (known collectively as LSV) are constantly fighting over "moons" (a way of passively generating income for a player group), and their hallmark is obscenely expensive and skill intensive doctrines, to make up for comparatively very small numbers of players. After invading Cloud Ring failed to gain Imperium content (or tribute, as the inhabitants just left), they decided to declare war on the next region across which happened to be the Low Sec home of the LSV alliances. The idea was that LSV had lived in the area for years, and relied on their "moons" (a way of generating passive income) which the Imperium planned to take in order to force LSV to fight.
This didn't work very well. Instead of steamrolling the LSV groups with minimal preparation and effort, as everyone (including LSV themselves) expected, they got crushed in pretty much every engagement. By this I mean they'd lose full fleets and kill only one or two ships in return. Gradually they got a little better, but they almost never did "well," almost always losing, and continued to be demolished by fleets that at times were a quarter their size or less. This was vastly different from what was expected - the expectation was that LSV would refuse to pay tribute, would harass the Imperium as they inevitably lost all of their moons and would simply take them back uncontested when the Imperium eventually left. This is because you can't actually take stations and control over systems away like you can in null sec, so it's impossible to drive out a group who are determined to stay, especially groups such as LSV who have their traditional homes in the area.
To counter-act these losses, they prepared better and got more numbers. In response, the LSV entities put aside their constant squabbling and war mongering to band together into a loose Coalition, and what is affectionately known as "Forming Voltron" (thus the name Low Sec Voltron – LSV). LowSec Alliances might constantly fight and war with their rivals, but they all hate one thing above all others, and that’s outsiders demanding fealty and tribute. The same thing happened again, with Imperium losing fights, but on a much larger scale with fights involving thousands of pilots.
After not only defending all their own moons, the LowSec entities proceeded to drive Imperium back out of LowSec, taking all their valuable moons, which had previously been left untouched in an effort to avoid provoking the much larger coalition. While this was happening, one of the larger Alliances in the Imperium (who are a coalition of alliances) angered a group called I Want Isk (IWI), an enormously rich and powerful gambling banker organisation. The reports indicated accusations about theft and betrayal of one of the leaders of a Imperium Alliance. As a result, IWI decided to pay the LSV groups, among (potentially) others, to continue fighting the Imperium after taking their revenge in Low Sec.
Having successfully expelled Imperium from Low Sec, LSV looked for future targets, and with likely direction from the IWI (gambler guys) and Tishu's extensive BLOPs (battleships with a very long range jump drive to attack farming ships) campaign in the Imperium Fade Region, set their sights on the north. With the assistance of virtually every major entity in Eve, who answered the call to arms from either being paid by IWI or the glory of the next major war, began a full scale invasion of the Imperium's home territory of the Northern Null Sec Regions.
This new coalition became known as the Money Badger Coalition (MBC), a play on the name of the group of alliances who fought (and lost) against the Imperium in the last major war (Honey Badger Coalition), many of whom also joined with LSV in their renewed fight against the Imperium.
Spread across numerous regions and hundreds of systems, MBC have begun to systematically drive out Imperium from their homes. Currently most of the alliances in the Imperium are in full retreat, after having lost several regions that were previously thought to be impregnable. As it currently stands, a large portion of the Imperium have been ordered to withdraw to the far north by Imperium leadership, the home of Goonswarm (known usually as "Goons"), the leaders and core of the Imperium. A recent address by the leader of the Imperium indicates they intend to use the north as a base to harass the allies as they grind the regions in order to control them totally. As the allies begin to take control of the regions which are increasingly being left undefended, the last few pockets of resistance such as the Co2 Alliance are gradually being worn down.
It is assumed that at some point the allies will move further north, once their latest conquests are secure, to take the fight to Goons. If this happens, you can be almost certain that we will see another battle such as that of B-R5RB several years ago (you can look that up, Imperium won that battle and war), which resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of assets being lost.
In other words, it’s the war of a century in Eve, with pretty much the entirety of the PvP groups in the game all allied against a single super-coalition. Regardless of who wins, it's going to be a really cool time to be in the game.
Update 1: The First Major Victory for MBC
As of a few hours ago, the Money Badger Coalition won a major strategic victory, successfully taking control of Co2's (a member of the Imperium) primary staging system. This is significant because it was defended by a number of Imperium fleets, lacking only their capital fleet due to their misplaced suspicions of a trap.
This was the first major test for MBC, to see if they could stand up to the force of a full Imperium formup. The timer (or objective) was won, whilst inflicting enormous losses from the Imperium's subcapital forces, with several fleets being wiped out to a man. Of particular note was Vily's (a Imperium fleet commander who defected to TEST Alliance before the war began) bombing run against a FCON Battlecruiser fleet, which wiped out every ship in it instantly before they even got to the fight.
Importantly, M-O is traditionally the bottleneck for accessing the regions of the Northern Empires of the past, as it allows access for the allies into the northern regions (where the core of Imperium live).
Following the victory, Co2 have declared they are no longer a signatory of the Imperium, resetting their "blue standings" (or their official signal of allegiance) within thirty minutes of the announcement which came whilst the fleets of MBC were still mopping up the last stragglers of the Imperium's force. It is assumed they will now be supporting the Allies, in the hopes of having their space returned to them, however the exact degree of their support and whether they will actively fight their old allies in the Imperium.
Update 2: The Imperium Response to the Defeat
So the leader of the Imperium, The Mittani, released their version of events from the M-O fight in a soundcloud recording which you can find HERE.
The gist of it is they felt it was at least a partial victory for them, as they were falsely lead to believe that the whole point of the iHub fight was to trap and kill their super capital fleet (neither side fielded their extensive super capital fleets in this conflict). Note the iHub is a structure which grants control of the system (ownership if you will) and allows upgrades of the system, and thus is essential to controlling the system. Edit for clarity: The iHub doesn't give specific control, but is one of many structures that allows a group to hold sway over a system in differing ways. Taking the iHub in this situation however gave the Allies enormous leverage over Co2, and takes away all upgrades previously in the system, and puts Co2 in the awkward position of not having full control of their primary staging system.
Supercap fleets contain the most powerful ships in Eve, Titans and Super Carriers, neither of which can be docked and must generally always be piloted (thus tying up that pilot whilst the individual owns the ship), resulting in added cost on top of their already enormous build costs (for titans, this number is in the thousands of dollars range).
It is worth noting that the iHub timer is considered important because it allows the Allies to control M-O, which is an important stepping stone to the northern regions, where the Imperium has retreated to. Whether they remain ignorant of the system's importance, or merely do not consider it to be important is unclear.
Thus you have the two sides of the conflict spinning this massive fight two different ways, with both claiming victory of different objectives.
Update 3: Fleet Commander Kicked form the Imperium
So apparently one of the Imperium's SMA FCs has just been kicked after doing an interview, see the post HERE for links to the pastebin and interview. The interview contained nothing that wasn't widely known (see THIS post for a full map of the Imperium's Jump Bridge network, a way of getting around space quickly which is apparently ~secret~), so one can draw their own conclusions.
The interviewer's comment on the situation can be found HERE
I am currently trying to get in contact with an Imperium diplo to try get their side of this story.
EDIT: Got in contact with one and got pointed at Sion, a mail has been sent and I am awaiting a reply.
EDIT 2: I have yet to receive a reply from Imperium leadership, so I can only assume there is no more information forth coming and the FC kicked's account is accurate enough that no counter point of view needs to be presented.
Update 4: The Interview
Today an interview found HERE between Vily, the campaign Fleet Commander for TEST Alliance (part of the MBC) and DaBigRedBoat (DBRB), his equivalent in Goons for the Imperium took place, overseen by an Eve developer.
Beyond a recap of recent events, and Vily describing the victory condition for MBC as the eradication of the Imperium from their territory, DBRB announced the goal is to avoid fights and simply harass the invaders using interceptors (which is very similar to what Pandemic Horde did to the Imperium in their first attack under the Viceroyalty program). The goal is to quote, "avoid fights" and try generally try to not engage with the invaders. Instead, DBRB describes his recent activities instead of defending their space as, quote, "I've been down south with a bunch of elite pvpers, and we've been going after Pandemic Horde which is a newbie alliance." This is very similar to what PH's parent group Pandemic Legion (PL) did to Brave Newbies early-mid 2015.
Update 5: The Next Imperium Ally is Attacked
Several important timers (points at which objectives can be contested) came out today, one of which being the UQ9-3C iHub, which is the staging system of FCON and RAZR, two major CFC Alliances.
Despite MBC forming up over 1700 pilots for the fight, Imperium wisely planned ahead, bubbling the gate which the invaders would need to pass through, limiting their tactical options. Once the MBC fleets entered system, they were faced down by several Imperium fleets, as well as cloaked bombers who immediately took a bombing run at the Allies fleets.
The fight on the gate was a success in terms of an engagement, however the Imperium kept the MBC fleets tied up long enough to recapture their iHub, saving it.
Currently Imperium fleets are not engaging, preferring to avoid a confrontation.
The MBC fleets are back in UQ9 for the station timer. The station was "bubble fucked," a term used to describe an object in space which has had bubbles placed all over it to prevent anyone from warping in or out. The Imperium fleets however never undocked, and allowed their station to be captured by the MBC.
The rap sheet at the end of the day was:
The iHub Timer was won by the Imperium after they managed to keep the MBC fleets tied up on the entrance star gate to the system, thus retaining control of it.
The Station Timer was won by MBC, therefore they have taken control of the station from the Imperium.
In terms of kills vs lossess, the Imperium lost it marginally, however given the only significant fight lasted less than an hour, this result is fairly irrelevant. Additionally, they saved all of their VFK timers which were never attacked.
Overall, one has to assume the MBC will claim victory in this engagement due taking control of the station and everything contained within.
Update 6: Imperium Responds to Co2's Defection
Sion, the head diplomat of the Imperium, wrote a timeline of the period leading up to Co2's defection after the Imperium's defeat at M-O. You can find these logs HERE - be advised, it is thousands of lines long.
To summarise it, as far as I can tell (I didn't read the whole thing, and I don't think I can be blamed), Sion is describing why he doesn't like Co2, why they are a bad alliance and why they will fail in Eve.
The document includes enormous amounts of chat logs between various Imperium individuals and Co2 leadership as well as his opinions on Co2 'betraying' them.
It is worth noting that while Co2 most certainly betrayed the Imperium, it was the only path open to them as it was clear the Imperium would be unable to save them from being evicted by the MBC. The alternative was to simply allow this to happen - this was likely the more honorable path to take, but not one many would have expected them to.
Update 7: The War for the Name of the War 04.04.2016
Given the current war started very slowly, and the MBC coalition (which took long enough to name in its own right) formed gradually and slowly, there was never an official announcement by an alliance about naming the war until very recently.
The general consensus amongst the MBC is that the war will be called "World War Bee," named after the logo of the primary target of the war, Goonswarm (it's a bee if you missed that). To explain the name, The Imperium is being targeted mainly for their leadership's behaviour, and other reasons previously stated. Given Goons are the primary member, and the leaders, of the Imperium, this is the reason the Imperium as a whole is under attack. A prime example of this is Co2's defection - once they left the Imperium and pledged themselves to the MBC, they were no longer part of the Imperium and thus not a target. A thread on reddit clearly stating the community's insistence on the name is seen HERE.
However, the Imperium is obviously not a fan of this name as it implies the MBC is in control of both the war and casts Goonswarm (and their Imperium Allies) as the enemy. As a result, they have been naming the war on their own, and have recently begun reacting to the consensus on World War Bee which both the community and CCP themselves are now using. THIS ping was sent by the Mittani on the topic, announcing his intent to rename it in a manner that casts the Imperium in a more favourable light.
To explain names they have come up with:
"The Casino War" refers to IWI's involvement in the war as they are a gambling organisation (the link to casinos being a jab at the MBC being their puppets).
"The Turncoat War" and the "War of Traitors" both refer to Co2's defection from the Imperium to join the MBC, and are taking aim at MBC's willingness to accept Co2 into the fold.
The Mittani also makes the point that he feels he has the right to have official input on the naming of the war, as seen in his calling out of CCP for naming it "World War Bee" based off of community opinion without consulting him first.
Update 8: The Grind Continues, AUTZ's time to shine 07.04.2016
It's been a few days without a major update, so I figured I'd update with the latest minor happenings. I'll try do these updates in between big ones, and I'll include the latest drama and going-ons around the place with links.
The drama over the Mittani's demand to be consulted on naming the war has continued the past few days, with numerous call outs and propaganda pieces being made in response. One notable point in particular is the new name reddit has begun calling the Goonswarm (and the Imperium collectively) - "those bee guys" - in an attempt to rile up the Mittani by mocking their logo and group identity. An amusing chrome extension to change all mentions of the "CFC" (Imperium) to "those bee guys" was posted HERE
CCP has released three new character portrait backgrounds in game, two of which are for each side in the war, which is being announced officially by them as "World War Bee." This thereby legitimizes the name as such, contrary to the Mittani's vehement disapproval and demand to be consulted on it. Post here [HERE[(
The only major piece of new news is the CFC have ordered all their Alliances to set their vulnerability timers to AUTZ. To recap, these timers represent the only time of day during which they can be captured. The assumed goal being to try burn out the much smaller AUTZ, the reuslt has only been a mass increase in objectives attacked as the Imperiun's power is much weaker in AUTZ, and the power ratio swings in MBC's favour during this time. Post on the effects of this HERE.
Beyond all that, MBC is slowly taking over the Imperium's territory, gradually moving in towards to capital region of Deklein, commonly known as "Fortress Dek," and the 'ancestral home' of Goonswarm. Expect the war to heat up when this happens.
In the meantime, MBC is slowly replacing all of the Imperium's POSes with their own on valuable moons, and killing those producing super carriers and titans (enormously expensive ships which can only be built in POSes in null sec). Current numbers of just Titans destroyed while being built is approaching the number destroyed in the penultimate battle of the last major war, the legendary B-R5RB, where 74 titans were destroyed. This remains to date the largest number of titans killed in a single conflict. As of THIS post, MBC only need to kill 4 more of these building POSes before they equal that number. Again, expect this number to rise rapidly when the invasion of Deklein begins.
Update 9: The Super-Capitals Come Out to Play 09.04.2016
So a large scale Capital brawl broke out a couple of hours ago in the system of X-7OMU. This system is in null sec, but unlike the player owned space around it, is NPC controlled. This means that all of the usual lawless activities take place, but one group cannot 'own' the system nor control who docks in the stations.
Normally this means it isn't worth fighting in these systems due to them not being able to be captured (unless there is a valuable POS). In this case, a TISHU (part of the MBC) Hel (a type of super carrier) was caught in the system by the Imperium. They immediately formed up a fleet to kill it, though it was saved just in time as can be seen in THIS screenshot. Note the central white and red spherical bars - the internal one (structure, and usually has less HP than the others) when it reaches 0 causes the ship to explode, and you can see it came very close before his allies could repair the outer two bars (Armor and Shields).
This battle was importat in this war because it was only the second battle of the war involving capitals, the behemoths of Eve Online. The last one involved MBC dropping entirely uncontested with no opposing capital force. In this case it was Pandemic Legion (PL) with roughly 100 Super Carriers supported by a Rattlesnake battleship fleet, dropping on Imperium forces made up of 11 Naglfar-class Dreadnoughts, 60 Megathron/Apocalypse battleships and a large Cerberus support fleet.
Losses were extreme for the Imperium, losing over 50bn worth of ships including all of their capital dreadnoughts, most of their battleship fleet and nearly all of their inderdictors (bubble-throwing ships) and tactical destroyers. In return they killed only 8bn of MBC assets, and thus not a single supercarrier was lost. The full battlereport can be found HERE as well as pretty pictures of the battle HERE.
Update 10: A Director-Level Spy is Uncovered 09.04.2016 #2
Two updates in one day? Yes, and it's because this is a big one.
A USER on reddit has been consistently leaking information from top level Imperium channels, including intel that the Goonswarm fully intends to let their Imperium Allies die off as a buffer zone to their Deklein homeland as well as intel on various corps leaving and internal drama (e.g. THIS.
Today, he was finally discovered as Lemba, the director of DOKDO, a Korean corp in Goonswarm as seen HERE.
From the mail he sent to his corp HERE we can read into his reasoning for this. Apparently his defection from the Imperium stems from an objection to the Imperium's leadership forcing their underlings to to far more work than could be reasonably expected whilst doing next to none themselves. Lemba mentions he had access to a significant amount of assets if he had chosen to steal it all - he uses this to make the point that he didn't because he believes in his corp, just not the Alliance and Coalition's behavior.
Apparently he has a number of logs of conversation which he will be posting in short order, so stay tuned as it's almost certainly going to be a drama filled day.
Update 11: The Walls Crumble 12.04.2016
Well, this is gonna be a big one. There's a lot to talk about, and a lot of opinions floating around. I'm going to be mostly linking threads and then explaining how they fit together, and giving an opinion at the need because one act in particular disgusts me to such a degree I refuse not to be biased on the matter.
This is a long one, so I'll be spitting it. Generic news in this one, and Ill do another update after this one with the major thing.
So, to begin with some interesting news that isn't going to be too long, VFK - the traditional home of Goonswarm and the heart of the Imperium - was taken. This wasn't expected to happen for months, and enormous resistance was expected. Instead the Imperium formed a token force as it struggles to remain standing over not only the struggle, but scandals that have broken out in the past few days. The Imperium is now in full retreat to low sec space, now staging in the system of Saranen with line members desperately evacuating assets from now occupied territories. Numerous supercapital kills have been seen as Imperium members try to get them out of harms way seen HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE (yeah, that's a lot).
SMA, or Space Monkey's Alliance, left the Imperium (along with losing a few of their major leadership figures, need sources for this please if someone can provide the relevant threads to me). This, along with the constant attacks in the past weeks has seen a massive impact on their alliance seen HERE and HERE. FCON, another Imperium Alliance, has fallen into decline losing a major corp HERE.
In other news, DBRB, one of the Imperium's last remaining FCs, came under public fire after THIS thread appeared on the reddit. The TLDR is that one of his pilots accidentally made a mistake and got two cheap allies ships killed. DBRB was furious over this, and ordered the line member to repay 500m ISK - over 10 times the value of the ships lost.
And last but not least, Elise Randolph kindly wrote a morale speech for the Imperium members to encourage them in this time of hardship HERE. This is kind of a traditional thing for him to do for the poor line members of alliances he views as facing imminent implosion, and something many have been holding out for.
Update 11: The Damage a Few Leaked Logs Can Do, and the Outrage it Caused 12.04.2016 #2*
Now, onto the juice of the story. As you may remember from my previous update (10, because I like to be confusing), Lemba, a director of the Korean corporation DOKDO in the Goonswarm Federation (head alliance of the Imperium), defected away from the Imperium for a number of reasons. As promised, a huge number of logs (hundreds of pages in fact) was released, including some very important documents with implications for the Imperium's alliances and casting a dark light on the Mittani's actions.
The logs for these can be found HERE, HERE and HERE. (If there are more, please PM me, I know I missed a few).
Now, there's a lot to talk about, so I'll try spread this out for clarity - I'm not going to be able to do it all, so I'm cherry picking the big bits.
First of all, the earlier logs provide proof to the concept that was generally known that the alliances in the Imperium were purely a meat shield to protect Goonswarm. The Mittani is quoted quite literally saying he doesn't care at all about FCON, one of their major allies, and that he fully expects a number of them to fall apart from these attacks and merge into Goonswarm. It explains why Goons made only token efforts to defend the space of their allies, and legitimises Co2's defection as clearly the help they were promised was never going to arrive. Instead, these Alliances were expected to simply be absorbed by the main Goonswarm alliance, thus strengthening them immediately after MBC had finished grinding their Alliances down.
This is pretty damming because it is essentially telling everyone in the Imperium they existed for one purpose, and on purpose only: to help Goons, and reinforces the concept that they were no more than tools an puppets. The fallout from this has yet to fully play out, and is largely mitigated by these alliances already being in tatters from the war, but has certainly spoken volumes for how Goonswarm operates in its modern iteration.
EDIT: So there has already been fallout, FCON (the alliance mittani said he didn't care about) and fourth largest alliance in the game has left the Imperium, significantly reducing their strength, as seen HERE.
There's a whole bunch of other stuff in the logs of the leadership doing various untoward things, but that's the main bit.
Now. This one is the big thing that people have been getting mad over.
What is written in the posts below explains what happened very well, I highly suggest looking at them, but the shortened version is this:
The Mittani got very upset about the particular character portrait that was released for the Imperium, and is still furious over not getting to choose the name of the war (which he doesn't actually have any right to, but he seems to feel he does). Given CCP has begun using the name everyone else is using - "World War Bee" (including, notably, the group who is winning the war) - he has taken significant offense. In return, he is seen in logs to apparently be using an article for the International Business Times to force an apology from the PR rep who used the War's name, and has, according to the logs, directly involved their boss.
Unsurprisingly, the community is furious over his actions, especially as the Goons have a history hurting people's real lives when they don't get their way. This is a game, and these logs, if correct, show him hurting an individual's real life career over some pixels and a name everyone else agrees with.
Reddit blew up over this, as seen in just a few threads HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. Posts ridiculing his statements have been made such as THIS piece of propaganda, and support for the employee mentioned HERE.
It would also seem the Imperium's line members are losing faith in the leadership given past events, as seen in this article written by one of their own HERE.
Update 12: The Media War 19.04.2016
Sorry for the delay on this one, haven't had a huge amount of time. Without further ado:
Next, a somewhat upset PEST diplo is upset about FCON moving into their space, leaked a brief conversation with an FCON diplo about their immediate plans post-Imperium HERE.
Apparently the sov map is quite interesting now too, but unfortunately I can't access the links to them where I am right now - I'll work on that. In other news, large portions of deklein sov (goons homeland) has been hit, with several full high-ADM (hard to take) constellations fully taken over. A good writeup of one of these constellation's battles can be found HERE.
The Mittani held a 'fireside chat' for the Imperium (just a QA session essentially) about recent events. Link to thread HERE. The fireside was pretty much damage control, and most of what was said is objectively incorrect (in particular the mentions of maintaining sov, and having an increase in players).
As for a less 'official' view of CFC, more leaks HERE. Also, the Imperium is rapidly losing sov, as seen HERE, suffering the most losses in a month ever, as seen HERE and losing members rapidly, as seen HERE.
Perhaps the most amusing news you'll see in a while (it's a little late, but definitely funny enough to warrant including).
If you recall in the last update, Mittani used his apparent interview with IB Times to threaten CCP and throw his weight around, the quote "eager to print whatever I tell them" comes to mind. Well, have a read of the resulting article: IBTimes on Eve Online and the response on reddit to this article HERE.
~Very TL;DR~
Big War.
Big group attack little group.
Little group win.
Little group attack big group.
Everyone attack big group now.
Big group losing. Badly.
Big group continuing to lose. Very badly.
Big group lost most of their space.
Big group starting to lose parts of itself. They're going missing....
EN24, a popular Eve news website.
Crossing Zebras, another Eve news site.
TMC, another Eve news site run by the leader of the Imperium.
Sov Map, a picture which shows who owns what areas of space (yellow is Imperium), in this one with added labels of the groups invading and from where.
A Timeline of the Imperium, a timeline of the vents leading to Imperium's rise to power and this war.
CrassKitty's Twitch, a streamer who streamed and has done interviews following the fight.
Imperium's response to Co2's Defection, the ping (or message) sent by the leader of the Imperium when they found out about Co2's defection.
More to come.
I've gotten so many messages to this effect, I felt I needed to address it here.
First, the "easiest" way to into the war would probably be Pandemic Horde, who are a newbros alliance who don't require an API key. Alternatively, if you're look for a newbro group who aren't directly in the war as such, Brave Newbies is a good choice, for a less involved option. After that it would probably be TEST, who apparently are always recruiting (an inside joke for the new players among us, it's their catchphrase). If you have any specific questions once in game you don't want to ask whichever group you join, feel free to shoot me a PM on "Phynix Kautsuo" - I'm always happy to help out.
If you are more experienced, joining the group you were previously a part of (if they in the war) is one option, otherwise I suggest looking at THIS article which lists the groups involved and gives each a short bio. Keep in mind it doesn't list any Imperium Alliances, the main ones being Goonswarm, FCON, Razor, Bastion, Space Monkeys and TNT.
POST CONTINUED HERE (I've reached reddit's character limit - grr).
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Casino Management Recruitment. Casino executives and managers must possess knowledge of casino security, technology and regulatory compliance, while maintaining the level of luxury your guest expect. We take the risk out of finding the right candidates for your casino. Our recruiters are more than casino headhunters; they are true experts in identifying the ideal talent for your casino, no ... Responsible for delivering the full-cycle recruitment process for all vacancies within the Casino. Performs all sourcing, screening and assessment functions, while coordinating interviews, selection and post-offer screening functions towards the completion of the hiring process for prospective employees of the Casino. Job Responsibilities and Duties: • Strategically develop pool of internal ... 120 Casino Careers Online jobs available on Apply to Host/Hostess, Team Member, Reservation Agent and more! Melbourne Crown Casino Turns Recruitment Ground For Loan Sharks. Australia March 10, 2015 by David Walker. Professional as well as amateur gamblers visit Melbourne’s Crown Casino on a regular basis to try their luck at the casino tables. Just like most casinos, the majority of gamblers end up losing and getting into huge amounts of debt with loan sharks. Recent reports confirm that loan ... 1000's of new jobs daily. Job seekers can upload CVs and apply for Jobs on mobile or desktop. Search jobs by industry, location, keyword or job title. Casino Careers is a free resource to candidates interested in finding employment in casino hotel resorts, riverboats, cruise lines, racetracks, gaming technology, manufacturing, and pari-mutuel companies. Candidates post a free resume in a secure database and apply to Employers through posted jobs. Gaming Companies post opportunities on a Job Board and search a Resume Database. Empire Casino Recruitment has been our main source for recruiting our staff for many years, they offer superb candidates both within the sector and externally also. I would recommend Empire Casino Recruitment to anyone looking for employment or seeking staff for their business. Una Murga . If you have never tried Empire Casino Recruitment before I recommend that you give them a try. We have ... Casino Recruitment Websites, inn of the mountain gods resort & casino mescalero nm 88340, primm casino, victoria casino poker. 200-0-Free Spins. Prize pool: up to £500 + 50 spins on Starburst slot. Price for month. All News And Promotions. Neteller, Skrill, PaySafeCard, Ukash, ecoPayz, Master Card. 50 Bonus Spins on Book of Dead available to all new players. The Free Spins are credited ... This allows our customers to get the best from our digital gaming products whether at home on our branded websites or using our mobile apps whilst on the move. offers a mix of online gaming products which includes Live Casino and Sportsbook. Why work for us? Grosvenor Casinos are more than just a great place to play your favourite slots, casino games and card games. With ... Overseas Jobs, Work Abroad, Overseas Careers, Jobs for Expatriates and International Employment —

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Ocean's Eleven - Recruiting Reuben - YouTube

1973 Secretariat's All 3 Triple Crown Races. He set track records that still stand in 2014. All about what is a Recruiter, how do you become one and how much I love my job and why :) Subscribe to my channel for more 'a German living abroad' videos: ... Ocean's Eleven - Recruiting Reuben Seattle, Washington rapper Lil Mosey is a Verified fan favorite. Lil Mosey has stopped by Genius to break down the meaning behind some of his biggest hits li... They might've got us the first night, but we're not giving up. Heading back into battle at the 5/5nl poker tables at Ocean's Eleven Casino, in Oceanside, CA.... NOTE: I switched up some of the dates on these videos I'm showing so they're all wrong. Sorry guys. Pay no attention to the dates.DONATEPatreon: https://www.... A Chinese casino empire to rival Macau is investing big in Cambodia, transforming a once-sleepy seaside town into a hub for gangsters and shady operators. Te... Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide, discuss 8 things to never do in a casino. They explain why you should never do these eight things and,... I hate spiders alotinstagram- 2020 has only just begun and gaming is just as interesting as ever. Here are some crazy recent gaming news stories. Subscribe for more: